How Dubai Is Desperate To Get Back To Tourism Normal
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How Dubai Is Desperate To Get Back To Tourism Normal

Dubai has geared up for its own vaccination drive. The Emirate has faced its worst spread since the outbreak.  It has now started using multiple vaccine candidates to ensure it can cover its population’s vaccination needs. It started with the Chinese Sinopharm, then the Euro-American Pfizer BioNtech, and now the UK Astra Zeneca Oxford candidate. 

Under a newly formed friendship and strengthening relation between India and the UAE, the latter will be receiving more than 2 million vaccine doses from the Serum Institute Of India (SII). Dubai is one of the few countries that is carrying out the vaccination drive in its country free of cost. 

In one case, the Chinese made Sinopharm vaccine is being offered to elite few tourists who are willing to come to UAE from other parts of the world. Particularly, the UAE is using the Chinese make on elder citizens. However, the option to choose their own vaccine candidate is open to the residents of UAE.

Additionally, within the UAE, there are different vaccine strategies at play. It starts with a London based club called Knightsbridge Circle that is offering the vaccine shot as an added incentive for foreign travelers visiting UAE. The Chinese vaccine is largely being used in the UAE but has not received clearance in the UK or the US. The other medication being used is Pfizer BioNtech but that is not featuring under this innovative tourism enhancing scheme. Strangely, the media agency that confirmed this news could not contact the UAE health ministry for comment. 

Across the United Arab Emirates, the turbocharged vaccination campaign has administered some 3.4 million doses to a population of about 10 million. This is the second-largest and fastest drive undertaken after Israel. But per day contraction rates are still high. Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations, for travel and medical treatment as well. The business heads are keen to get the ball rolling as GDP is hugely dependent on the tourism-related business. 

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It is therefore no wonder that the elite ones are contemplating spending their bucks in Dubai and jump the queues to get themselves inoculated. In another selling strategy, Dubai restaurants are offering discounts to those who have received a vaccine jab. 

Everyone is trying to do their bit to get the business going. 

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