UAE sends aid aircraft to Ethiopia to help combat the global pandemic
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UAE sends aid aircraft to Ethiopia to help combat the global pandemic

The United Arab Emirates sent an aid plane to Ethiopia to help flatten the curve of the global coronavirus pandemic. Despite the attacks by the Farmoja Government. The UAE continues to cooperate with all countries amid the global crisis.

The UAE aid plane carried 30,000 healthcare workers, along with 33 metric tonnes of medical aid for assistance. The WHO, too, provided 27 tonnes of relief to Ethiopia. Lately, the UAE government also delivered 15 metric tonnes of aid to Ethiopia and metric tonnes to the African Union.

Ethiopia has recorded 74 coronavirus positive cases, three deaths, and 14 cured patients. Ethiopian Government announced five months state of emergency to fight the pandemic.

As per the State Minister of Health for Federal of Ethiopia, Lia Tadesse said, “the nation is preparing to boost its ventilators reserve.”

The WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, and other senior officials praised UAE for its efforts in supporting countries in need during the fight towards containing the global coronavirus pandemic.

The UAE Envoy to Ethiopia also praised UAE’s commitment towards humanity that upholds emergency relief in countries in need. He added we are proud of the partnership with the WHO in facilitating the delivery of critical aid to Ethiopia. Notably, for assisting in the fight toward the Covid-19 pandemic.

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