China launches a major campaign on steroids targeting Biden team 
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China launches a major campaign on steroids targeting Biden team 

Major campaign on steroids: The United States Intelligence officials claim China has begun a major campaign on steroids to impact President-elect Joe Biden’s team. 

The chief of the Director of National Intelligence’s counter-intelligence branch William Evanina stated that they have “noticed an uptick, which was designed and we anticipated, that China would now aim their influence campaign to the new US regime”

Evanina added that the Chinese were likewise zeroing in on individuals close to Biden and named it a foreign power campaign on steroids.

During the most past four years, the Sino-US relationship has crumbled with the Trump rule with continuous sanctions on China and also condemning China for the spread of coronavirus.It is not likely that the relations between both nations will get better after the President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

The world’s two biggest economies marked a phase one trade deal in January, showing some respite from the growing strains escalating since the last two years.

However, critics state that China is behind on satisfying consented to the purchase of U.S. goods, while negotiations for the second phase is still pending.

It’s still unclear how a Biden team will deal with taxes, which have harmed trade amid both nations following China’s reaction to U.S. sanctions.

The intelligence official likewise added that China had tried to interfere in the current US presidential elections, as well as the US begins to develop a vaccine for coronavirus.

The United States had ordered the closing of China’s consulate in Houston causing a severe diplomatic setback to a relationship. China in retaliation ordered the closing of the US embassy in Chengdu.

The new measures practicing a harder line on Chinese business and trade pass through Congress with enormous margins. Republicans and Democrats both echo similar stance against Beijing.

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