Can work from home contain the coronavirus?
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Can work from home contain the coronavirus?

The new challenge that has taken the corporate world by its teeth is the Corono virus, a highly contagious form of a flu that is easily spread through human secretions and contact.

Companies worldwide are now looking at work from home as perfect solutions to contain the outbreak. It is also looking at a perfect way of helping businesses to continue to survive this downward trend.
As more and more cases of virus spread are being reported in the U.S. many companies are reportedly encouraging and in some case insisting people start using the safety of their homes to work.

Twitter for example, it is confirmed, has started encouraging employees around the globe to work from their private abodes until further notice. Christopher Mims, for example, spoke to well known media agency and expressed his challenge working from home, “You need to change your mindset and then rest follows naturally. The trick is to find a place in your home that feels completely separate. The change in your tools will follow.” He is an author who spends literally six months indoors to write a perfect book.

Many individuals have complained about slowness of internet, disturbance from family indoors, lack of sense of office space, colleagues etc. But the biggest hurdle is as Mr. Mims says, “in changing the mindset. Tech issues are really not that big to blame.”

Microsoft is also allowing its employees to use the Work From Home (WFH) model. The tech giant has now issued a medical directive and is insisting that those who low immunity and any chance of contact with any individual exposed to COVID-19 should use the WFH model. Cases are on the rise in San Francisco and Seattle. The company is continuing to have its Italian and Chinese offices functioning, with temperature controls set in place to contain the virus spread.
The virus is now being referred to as the novice Covid-19 virus, in order the panic amongst people remains minimal. However, those who are obviously alarmed and worried and the one who may not have the luxury to work from home. According to Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), nearly 38% of workers in “management, business and financial operation occupations” report doing some or all of their work from home, making them the most likely to do so.

However, the challenge facing is roughly all the other service providers who may not have the option to work from home and therefore are more prone to catch the infection and then transmit it that more quickly.

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