Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos launches initiative and vows $10bn to fight climate crisis

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos launches initiative and vows $10bn to fight climate crisis

On Monday, the Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, declared the launch of the Bezos Earth Fund, a fresh global initiative that will submit $10 billion to battle climate crisis.

Bezos, whose total assets are listed at $130 billion as per Forbes, stated in an Instagram post that the fund would bolster activists, scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and “any endeavor that offers a genuine opportunity to help safeguard and secure the natural global environment.”

Bezos said in the post, “I wish to work alongside others both to enhance known ways and to search new ideas for battling the disastrous effect of environmental change on this planet that we all share.”

While he didn’t offer subtleties on what endeavors he intends to prioritize, Bezos included that he would start dispensing grants concerning the fund this summer.

The announcement seems to differ from Amazon’s actions towards employees talking openly about the environmental emergency. In January, the Guardian uncovered that several workers who called for stronger environment movement by the organization were cautioned to be silent or face rejection.

Bezos said in an Amazon’s Smbhav summit in India that “Anyone today who isn’t realizing that environmental change is genuine – that we people are affecting the Earth in a very hazardous manner – those people are not being sensible,” The Guardian report.

Article Credit: The Guardian/The Hill

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