After bankruptcy, the powerful US arms lobby risks of disappearing

After bankruptcy, the powerful US arms lobby risks of disappearing

US arms lobby: The NRA, the biggest association of US arms owners with about 5 million members, has announced the initiation of the voluntary bankruptcy procedure aimed at a reorganization. The powerful lobby also explained that it will be absorbed by a non-profit NGO in Texas and leave the New York State one, where it was founded in 1871, to which it was affiliated. A turning point that comes on the eve of the inauguration of the new president, Joe Biden, who unlike Donald Trump, has made it known that he wants to fight to limit the spread of weapons, responsible for the deaths of 40 thousand people a year in the United States.

The decision seems to be a way to escape the investigation launched by the New York federal prosecutor on a series of frauds and diversion of funds. The leaders of the National rifle association are involved in the case, which would have caused losses of over 63 million dollars in just three years. Last week, the prosecutor asked for the organization’s dissolution, symbolizing the second amendment of the US Constitution, guaranteeing the right to bear arms.

The NRA filed for federal bankruptcy in Dallas and said it intends to move to Texas to escape “a corrupt political and regulatory environment” in New York, contain and optimize costs and expenses. “Texas appreciates the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and joins us in upholding constitutional freedoms,” Lobby number one, Wayne La Pierre, wrote in a letter to members. In August, New York Attorney General Letitia James sued the NRA and its top management for mismanagement and financial fraud.

We thought it would take years for what was once a very powerful organization with 5 million members to be effectively canceled from the registers of the State, where it was founded in 1871. But in reality, the lobby, once able to elect presidents for some time now, is in crisis. Torn by financial difficulties and an internal war for leadership, it has long struggled for survival. Attorney James had already asked for the leaders’ resignation, accusing them of having stolen at least 64 million dollars from the organization’s bank accounts. At the same time, she asked that none of the executives involved direct any other organization in the future.

Established by retired army officers because “too many soldiers don’t even know how to shoot straight,” as General Ambrose Burnside, its first president, said. After having been little more than a sports association for a long time, in the last twenty ‘ years – ever since Wayne La Pierre became CEO, she has walked straight into the political chambers. It became shortly, the powerful lobby determining elections. If at one time, however, he invested in a bipartisan manner (years ago, Bernie Sanders also had funds and endorsements from them) for Trump, they made an exception. The Donald owes them a great deal. In fact, on the 2016 election, the NRA, which already controlled all the Republican senators, invested a good 30 million dollars. Support that the outgoing US President Donald Trump has publicly confirmed several times.

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