Why the Middle East Is Better Off With Biden Than Trump
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Why the Middle East Is Better Off With Biden Than Trump

Most of the sensible and mature governance across Europe is hoping for Joe Biden to come into power. He seems to be the only hope of a reversal of the unhealthy power equations that got created by the US between the Middle East and the rest of the world. 

Iran is one hopeful situation where Biden wants to maintain a balanced perspective, unlike Trump. He intends to re-enter the JCPOA deal provided Tehran comes back in full compliance. 

Biden has also shown light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to relations between Tehran and GCC states. For one, his team has outlined support for a diplomatic approach to de-escalate tensions. It is no surprise that Trump had already set a wide agenda for Biden to work on towards his election campaigning. Biden started with pursuing a regional security dialogue, including Saudi-Iran talks, something that the Europeans have long supported, particularly as it relates to Yemen and Iraq.

When it comes to the Israel Palestinian conflict, Biden holds a very promising stance. Trump created major sense of distrust amongst both the nations as he refused to renew US aid to the Palestinians, did not think it important to re-open the Palestinian mission in Washington, and did-away with the traditional two-state positions – all of which the EU sees as requisites for any diplomatic track.

As far as the Syrian position goes, Biden’s campaign has not said much. However, there are hopes when his team has confirmed that his intent is to bring back forces into Syria and support, like before Trump’s era started. 

According to political analysts, Biden’s messaging is far more constructive and peaceful, than Trump’s has ever been.  If he does come into power, the first good thing to happen is that the right kind of signals are going to be sent off , where the new administration is expected to convey a unified approach compared to a Trump administration that often talked at cross-purposes. 

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