UK government to pull back from the European arrest warrant (EAW)

UK government to pull back from the European arrest warrant (EAW)

The UK is to drop a vital tool used to accelerate the transfer of criminals across borders with other European nations.

Working against the warnings of senior law enforcement authorities, the administration stated it would not be looking to take an interest in the European arrest warrant (EAW) as a significant aspect of the future relationship with the European Union.

“The agreement ought to rather accommodate fast track extradition ways, given in the EU’s surrender treaty with Norway and Iceland which came into power in 2019, yet with suitable further defenses for people beyond those in the EAW,” In a document setting out the UK’s way to deal with negotiations with the EU, the government expressed.

As per the Guardian, The UK’s loss of the EAW got unavoidable after Brexit; the settlement applies to EU member states.

One police source focused on this was not the UK pulling back from the EAW yet the UK “permitting that it can never again be in it after the EU clarified it couldn’t be a part of it except if it acknowledged the jurisdiction of the European court of justice and the freedom of movement.”

“What content your reading is something that the two sides have concurred they can get – which is called the Iceland deal. This is EAW lite,” stated the Guardian source, under anonymity.

When Britain left the EU on 31 January, three EU nations – Slovenia, Germany, and Austria – reported they would quit surrendering their citizens to British law enforcement.

Under the present plans, investigators, police forces, and the National Crime Agency can apply for an EAW to impact swift extradition of the criminal suspect from any EU member state, and thus, EU nations can also return criminals.

“The declaration today made it clear that the UK is no more trying the sort of access to essential EU databases and security means that would imitate our current relationship. However, its own research expressing over and over that failing to take part in existing tools would mean a substantial loss of capability with crippling ramifications for public security. The Home Office announced that the wellbeing and safety of UK citizens is the administration’s “highest priority.”

Article Credit: The Guardian/BBC

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