Prime Minister of India calls for calm, after the number of clashes deaths raised to 20.
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Prime Minister of India calls for calm, after the number of clashes deaths raised to 20.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for calm after days of clashes between Hindus and the Muslim minority over the controversial nationality law, in some of the worst sectarian violence in New Delhi in decades. A doctor said 20 people were killed and nearly 200 wounded, and many suffered gunshot wounds.

Police and paramilitaries patrolled the streets in much greater numbers. “Peace and harmony are essential to the soul of the people,” Moody said. I appeal to my sisters and brothers in Delhi to maintain peace and brotherhood at all times. ”

Sonia Gandhi, head of the opposition Congress party, called for the resignation of Interior Minister Amit Shah, who is directly responsible for imposing law and order in the capital. Clashes erupted between thousands demonstrating in support or protest of the new nationality law passed by the Moodi Hindu nationalist government.

The law makes it easier for non-Muslims to obtain Indian citizenship from some neighboring countries that are predominantly Muslim. Critics say the law is biased against Muslims and undermines India’s secular constitution. The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has denied any prejudice against India’s more than 180 million Muslims.

Reuters witnesses saw crowds carrying sticks and stones walking in the streets in parts of northeast Delhi on Tuesday, as incidents of burning and looting were common. Black smoke billowed from a tire market, setting fire to the area, as fire trucks rushed to control the fire.

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