UAE is successfully battling the pandemic with increased testing and Covid-19 vaccine trials
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UAE is successfully battling the pandemic with increased testing and Covid-19 vaccine trials

Since the Covid-19 spread in the UAE, in late January, the nation has made a quick response to the coronavirus pandemic. Until now, the UAE has the highest rates for COVID-19 testing on the planet, with more than 4,000,000 tests led by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. The world is also racing to find a cure for coronavirus and around 150 vaccines are under development. The famous medical journal ‘The Lancet’ also praised the UAE for its efforts in battling the coronavirus crisis.

In Mid July, UAE started its first internationally recognized Covid-19 vaccine trials in Abu Dhabi. The head of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, was the first to volunteer for the test.

The vaccine trial is generally divided into three stages, of which the first trial examines the safety of the vaccine. Phase 2 assesses immunogenicity, and Phase 3 studies the security and viability of the immunization in the larger population.

The trial will last somewhere in the range of three to six months and will be available to volunteers aged between 18 and 60 living in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi. Authorities stated that around 15,000 volunteers would participate, The Arab News reported.

Volunteers can enlist their details at the website. They will have to go for a medical test to see if they are fit to participate. Individuals from all backgrounds are urged to join in. The volunteers will be closely observed for up to a year and requested to keep an “antibody journal” to record any side effects. 

On 6 Aug, the first Phase III trials of an inactivated covid-19 vaccine marked an achievement with more than 5000 volunteers who got their first vaccine shot. A feeling of satisfaction and shared commitment has prompted more than 80 countries in the area already joining in, driven by the UAE Leadership’s promise to beat the pandemic through a worldwide collective effort. 

The Acting Under-Secretary of Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Dr. Jamal Al Kaabi stated that UAE reached more than 5000 vaccinations quicker than anticipated.

The tests of the inactivated vaccine are going faster than compared to trials that are undergoing around the world. I am grateful for the national spirit of volunteerism and the enthusiasm of the UAE’s healthcare system, Kaabi added.

He also added that he would like to encourage more UAE citizens to volunteer and chip in for tests conducted in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

According to Khaleej Times, a couple called Sujith Varughese and Meenu Mary Thomas, who had volunteered for the trial of the Covid-19 vaccine were very happy to be a part of the 4humanity program.

Meenu stated that amid the pandemic, this was the first time that she could be of any service and help. She encouraged if more people participate, then it will help in faster testing, analysis, and examination process of the vaccine.

On Sunday, UAE reports 225 new cases as a total recuperation rate increases to 90 percent, and the loss of life reached to 357. The UAE has become a top nation in conducting more than 5.5 million covid-19 tests since Jan.

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