Turkey, which threatened the EU with open borders, closes them due to corona
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Turkey, which threatened the EU with open borders, closes them due to corona

Turkey, which has been blackmailing the EU with open borders and threatening to “flood” Europe with refugees, is closing border crossings as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Turkey will close its crossings on the borders with Greece and Bulgaria at midnight. Passengers will not be allowed to cross them either at the entrance or exit.

Also, Turkey has banned entry into the country for third-country nationals located in Greece and Bulgaria over the past 14 days.

In addition, ferry services between the Turkish coast and the Greek islands in the Aegean have already been stopped.
As exceptions, freight can pass through the border with the EU.

Turkey has already stopped flights to many European countries and closed the border with Iran at the end of February due to fears of the coronavirus. The country recorded 98 cases of coronavirus and first death.

The news of the closure of the border by Turkey may help Greece.

Thousands of migrants arrived at the Greek-Turkish land border earlier this month after Ankara said it would no longer stop their attempts to break into the EU.

On Wednesday night, clashes resumed on the Greek-Turkish border after about 500 migrants tried to break the border fence and enter Greece.

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