How Coronavirus is influencing the Italian researches on Google

How Coronavirus is influencing the Italian researches on Google

The spread of Coronavirus in Italy also reflects its effects on Google where there has been a huge spike in donation searches in the past seven days. According to ‘Google Trends’, in the last seven days the Italians are looking for donors or fundraiser as the football player Bobo Vieri, who recorded a very important surge like that of Cristiano Ronaldo and Insigne. Even Silvio Berlusconi, with his record donation of the last few hours, catalysed the attention of the Italians, who ran to Google to find out more about the news and how to participate to funding campaigns in favour of their hospitals.

How Coronavirus is influencing the Italian researches on Google

The desire to contribute to the fight against Coronavirus emerges. In any form. So here are the huge spikes on associated queries such as “blood donations”, “coronavirus donations”, “hospital donations”. Lombardy and Lazio are the most interested regions, albeit in a different way: in the first case, different donation recipients are sought, like hospitals, sports initiatives or VIPs, in the second, research is strongly focused on the donation methods blood. The Italians once again confirm their desire to contribute to putting the emergency behind them. “Once again Google confirms itself as a thermometer of the mood of Italians” – comments Ale Agostini, author Hoepli and director of Avant Grade, adding that “it is a delicate moment and there are many who want to help out of the emergency. The data on territoriality also show the different moods from region to region but it is clear that the desire to be useful is univocal”.

How Coronavirus is influencing the Italian researches on Google

The arrival of the Coronavirus, or Covid-19, in Italy has dominated the news and has overwhelmed all aspects of the daily life of the Lombards first and then all the Italians. The necessary state of closure of the entire country, the disregard of the simple rules to stem the infection and the consequent lowering of the shutters of companies and activities, have put the Italian people in a surreal quarantine situation. Something no one would have expected. The invitation not to go to crowded places and to stay at home has influenced all Google searches where there has been also a surge in searches related to teleworking tools, online training and web meetings. In addition to donation and smart working, it seems that Italians are trying to spending times with sweets, showing interest in cake recipes for Women’s Day and Nutella mozzarella.

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