Turkey seeks U.S. Patriot Missiles to secure troops in Syria

Turkey seeks U.S. Patriot Missiles to secure troops in Syria

On Thursday, Turkey expressed it doesn’t want any trouble with Moscow over Syria’s offensive near borders, yet guaranteed it might accept U.S. Patriot missiles to secure Turkish forces.

Pressure has mounted in recent few months amid Turkey, which backs a portion of the rebels and Syrian ally Moscow over President Bashar Al Assad’s assault in north-west Idlib.

In the month of February, 14 Turks were killed in two different episodes of regime shelling in Idlib, the rebels’ last grip in Syria, The National published.

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar spoke to CNN Turk, “We have no desire for an altercation with Russia.” Talks would proceed with Russian authorities. One of the matters addressed is of airspace above Idlib, and Turkey expects Russia doesn’t get affected, Akar included.

As per The National, there has been no solid understanding among Turkey and Russia after two rounds of discussions between their delegations in Moscow and Ankara this month.

Ankara demands that it needs to maintain a strategic distance from a humanitarian fiasco yet additionally needs to deflect a surge of refugees into Turkey, which is now home to 3.6 million Syrians.

Turkey has 12 observation stations in the Idlib region, set up following an agreement marked with Russia in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in 2018 to forestall a regime assault.

The Syrian regime attacks have left several hundred dead in Idlib and constrained 900,000 individuals to escape their homes since December.

Akar stated, “There could be ‘Patriot’ support as there is the danger of airstrikes and missiles against our nation.”

He was pointing towards the US-made missile named Patriot, which is capable of destroying airplanes and different rockets. Akar later renounced any U.S. troop support, the National reported.

Article Credit: The National

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