Tunisia reveals new government in a proposal to end political standstill
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Tunisia reveals new government in a proposal to end political standstill

On Wednesday, Tunisia’s Prime Minister-designate, Elyes Fakhfakh, declared his proposed government, which led to the closure of the political standstill that has grasped the nation since legislative elections were held in October 2019.

On Monday, President Kais Saied announced legislators that he was set up to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections if Fakhfakh’s proposed government failed to get the vote of confidence from the parliament.

For four months, Tunisia has been without a working government. Ennahda had initially been given a chance to come to power in October. Yet, their proposals couldn’t make it due to a fragile and split parliament, which prompted Elyes Fakhfakh, head of the Ettakatol party, being endowed to shape a legislature by President Kais Saied on January 20.

Fakhfakh’s proposals will be presented to Tunisia’s legislature, where they are required to get the vote of confidence in the parliament, which is on February 26.

As it has been anticipated, Fakhfakh’s administration of two secretaries of state and thirty ministers is arranged from a broad alliance of leading political parties and independents. Attayar, Achaab, Tahya Tounes, and the El Badil party are all represented in the administration, with the moderate Islamists, Ennahda, who won a majority in the October elections, doing a remarkable job.

Few are listed below: – Diplomat Nourddine Erray is relied upon to take the post of foreign minister, and financier Nizar Yaiche is expected to become the finance minister. An Independent, Imed Hazgui, is set to take charge of the Defense Ministry. Politician Mongi Marzouk is anticipated to take responsibility of energy ministry.

The job before the new government is critical. Tunisia needs to get an expected $3 billion (Dh11 bn) globally to make it through its 2020 spending obligations.

Beyond the IMF credit, Tunisia has depended upon a list of global loans to keep up its economy since its 2011 upheaval.

As of late, Tunisia has observed a sharp accretion in the number of Tunisian youth illegally migrating to Europe, as their trust in the nation’s future wavers.

Article Credit: The National

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