Trump Chooses Loyalist Over Apt Candidates For National Intelligence Position

Trump Chooses Loyalist Over Apt Candidates For National Intelligence Position

Donald Trump is now turning to his well wishes and loyalist than working a way to keep in good terms with his own administration. It is confirmed that Trump has now named Richard Grenell, the current U.S. ambassador to Germany, as his next acting director of national intelligence. Trump has been seen to be in logger heads with his own intelligence agencies.

Grenell will be replacing the current acting director, Joseph Maguire, whose temporary term expires in March 2020. Grenell is known for his blunt style and seems to have won himself this position due to his close ties to Mr. Trump.

Trump has had multiple persons holding the gate for him. Earlier it was Rep. John Ratcliffe (R., Texas), who was promptly removed after he raised concerns among senators that he would seek to politicize U.S. intelligence.

He was replaced by Mr. Maguire, a retired Navy vice admiral who acted as the interim steward of the U.S. intelligence community last summer.

The first openly gay cabinet level official in American history, Grenell might have to face stiff resistance and sharp opposition from Democrats if the White House tried to push through a Senate nomination and confirmation process.

It is still not confirmed as to when he would be assuming the new role, but news has been out that Grenell has been looking at getting out of his official role and entering the private sector instead. He is expected to serve as acting director of national intelligence for at most four months, providing a stopgap that allows Mr. Trump to find a director for his potential second term.

The law creating the job of DNI, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, states that any nominee for the post “shall have extensive national security expertise.” In the perception of the Democrats, Grenell lacks any kind of exposure and experience in dealing with intelligence to be considered fit for such a role.

However, Trump seems to be believe more in his loyalists as he has been extremely mistrusting of any kind of intelligence shared with him through the existing set of officials in the various intelligence agencies.

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