Trans-African Highway network project in Egypt will link 9 African nations
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Trans-African Highway network project in Egypt will link 9 African nations

The Trans-African Highway network includes cross-country highway projects in Africa that propose to advance trade and irradicate poverty in Africa via expressway infrastructure plans and by building more trade corridors. The complete length of the nine expressways in the project is 56,683 km (35,221 mi). 

Egypt is adopting a big infrastructure plan to connect nine African nations, the Egyptian Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir declared. 

He affirmed that the project includes the development of railways and road systems that aims towards creating a route from Salloum to Benghazi, and this will encourage more trade in Egypt and provides goods to Libya.

The establishment of the express electric train and railway systems will be done simultaneously, adding that the systems utilized in the railroads will help to avoid human errors and ensure more safety.

Egypt is putting forth incredible attempts to create land and dry ports, demonstrating that a thorough program has been made to build 13 ports and a logistic center, Al-Wazir added. 

Around 35 projects were arranged, with an absolute expense of 15 billion Egyptian pounds ($951,000). A total of 300 million pounds were used to complete Nine projects.

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The AfDB is teaming up with the African Union, the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and different regional financial communities across Africa are working on building a good continent-spanning road network.

This plan of nine Trans-African Highways will help connecting Algiers to Lagos, Cairo to Dakar,Tripoli to Cape Town, Dakar to N’Djamena, Cairo to Cape Town, N’Djamena to Djibouti, Beira to Lobito, Dakar to Lagos, and Lagos to Mombasa.

Moreover, this project will help promote ground transport and connect the entire African landmass from one end to another.

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