To fight the COVID-19, lockdowns and visa restrictions are imposed worldwide
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To fight the COVID-19, lockdowns and visa restrictions are imposed worldwide

Spain and France also join Italy in imposing lockdowns on millions of people, Australia asked self-quarantine to foreigners who arrived, and many nations extended visa bans as the world battles Covid-19 pandemic.

Britain, the United States, and Australia leaders urged to maintain calm as frenzy purchasing over the virus pandemic expanded as the lockdown was imposed. More than 156,000 people have been infected worldwide, and 5,800 died lately.

Several nations urged to avoid large social gatherings, postponing sports, religious, and cultural events, while medical practitioners suggested people to practice “social distance” to minimize the spread.

In Rome, Pope Francis’ Easter service one month from now will be held without the attendees, the Vatican stated on Sunday. The religious services include four days of main events from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. Ordinarily, it draws a considerable number of people to visit Rome and the Vatican.

Austria’s chancellor asked people to self-quarantine and announced not more than five people to gather and further limited visas.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that from Sunday, international travelers in the nation would need to isolate themselves for 14 days, and cruise ships would be restricted for 30 days, given an increase in imported cases.

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency lately and stretched out his nation’s movement boycott to Britain and Ireland.

Worldwide travel bans, border checks, shutting down of eateries, cinema halls, sporting events, shopping malls, closing of schools, and universities have been imposed. Especially travel industry and the global market have been impacted immensely. Many people are experiencing panic, anxiety, distress, and loneliness due to self-quarantine.

Article Credit: The Reuters/The Guardian

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