The UK – Blue passport will be issued from next month to mark Brexit

The UK – Blue passport will be issued from next month to mark Brexit

The UK Government has declared, Blue passport will be given after three decades from next month to mark Britain’s exit from the EU.

They will supplant the standard-issue burgundy passport that were spread out across EU nations from 1988.

The home secretary, Priti Patel, greeted the passport switch back to blue. However, pro-European campaigners and government officials in Northern Ireland anticipated the new passports would bring about Britons entering the moderate path at air terminals and ports all through the EU.

As per the Guardian, the Home Office says the blue passports will be “the greenest British passport ever.” A representative stated: “The carbon impression produced through manufacture will be decreased to net zero, through new ventures, for example, planting trees.”

It is additionally bettering the passport as the most innovatively advanced. The representative stated there was “a heap of new and refreshed security highlights, including a hard-wearing, super-quality polycarbonate information page, which contains inventive advancements inserted into the document, to keep individual information secure.”

The new-look passport will have the most advanced and most protected printing and design techniques, the representative stated, which would offer better assurance against fraud and identity theft.

Patel stated: “Leaving the European Union gave us a one of a kind chance to reestablish our national identity and offer a new way on the planet. By coming back to the striking blue and gold design, the British passport will once again be weaved with our national identity with our national personality, and I can’t wait to fly on one.”

Edward McMillan-Scott, the British politician, stated the blue passport would be viewed as an offensive to many Europeans.

“It will be viewed as a symbol of the stance prevailing in the Conservative party towards the remainder of Europe that is unintelligent, isolationist, and self-destructive,” McMillan-Scott added, the Guardian reported.

Article Credit: The Guardian

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