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Sweden Retracts Vaccine Stored Under Wrong Temperatures

Sweden Retracts Vaccine Stored Under Wrong Temperatures

The country that was boasting about combating the Corona Virus through herd immunity has failed yet again, in mitigating the virus spread, as it administered vaccines to its Swedes stored at the wrong temperature while being transported. 

Swedish medical facilities have landed up giving some 1000 patients the Covid-19 vaccine stored in the wrong temperature. All those administered the doses were medical professionals. A total of 2100 such doses were stored in wrong temperature.  They amount to 20percent of what Sweden had to receive and were (unfortunately) stored in rather low temperature.

Apparently, there was a problem with delivery itself.  As of now, there have been so side effects, but those administered are being observed for any adverse reactions. The other doses have been withheld for further investigation to ascertain whether their efficacy remains effective even after they were stored on low temperatures while being transported. 

Before this, Sweden has made use of the Pfizer vaccine candidate and has inoculated more than 1.4 million of its population.  

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The currently authorized mRNA vaccines have been found to provide up to 95% immunity against COVID-19. Further, vaccine research specialists have also ascertained that both the Pfizer and Morderna vaccines are so similar that both can be used interchangeably in order a patient gets two jobs in the interval of 28 days. This has been confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while they are still trying to decipher if the efficacy of the medication is affected if used interchangeably. 

Both have made use of the messenger RNA technology. 

AS the scare around the mutated virus increases, there will be the need to either tweak the vaccine or to ensure that the existing one can fight the possibly resilient Corona virus. According to vaccine researchers, tweaking the recipe wouldn’t be difficult for vaccines made with newer technologies. Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made with a piece of the virus genetic code that is simple to switch. 

Sweden king attacks the Government on coronavirus  crisis

Sweden king attacks the Government on coronavirus crisis

Sweden king attacks the Government: In Stockholm, it is not to exclude that Crown Princess Victoria, second child Madeleine, and Prince Carl Phillip, all modern digital and global young people, full of social sensitivity, have inspired their father. But the seriousness of the blow taken by Löfvén is all there: the opposition is demanding his resignation. In a press conference, the premier can’t do anything else than embarrassed agree with his Majesty. Neither he nor any minister will fall, while in the country that has chosen a no lockdown and laissez-faire policy against Covid-19, infected and dead continue to increase.

“This 2020 has been a terrible year the government has failed in the coronavirus strategy. We have all failed. The Swedish people have had a very high number of deaths as a result of this and have suffered terribly,” the 74-year-old ruler said in a televised speech to the nation. He spoke gravely, like if Sweden, at peace for over 200 years, had suddenly entered the war.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe, Sweden, one of the most postmodern and organized countries in Europe, has refused any lockdown and left public places open and public transport without the obligation of mask, focusing on the sense of responsibility of citizens. The result has been and continues to be devastating: over 7800 deaths per 10 million inhabitants, that is double that in Germany with 80 million, overcrowded emergency wards, fears even for pregnant women. The whole “Tsar of public health,” the epidemiologist Ander Tegnell, supported by Löfvén, decided.

It had never happened in the 20th century, or until today, that a Swedish monarch attacks the government in office because the king or queen in modern and contemporary Sweden is symbolic representative figures of national unity, and politics leave it to the parties. It had never happened until today, because the coronavirus drama prompted Charles XVI Gustavo to condemn the minority executive headed by the Social Democratic Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén with unprecedented harshness.

According to Worldometer, from the beginning of the pandemic, Sweden recorded 367,120 covid-19 cases and nearly 8,000 deaths, twenty only yesterday. The king also confessed his fears, speaking with dignity and a human face. When asked if at the age of 74 he feels particularly in danger, he calmly replied: “The virus, due to this bankruptcy policy, has become closer to everyone every day, including me.”

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