First official visit in India for US president Donald Trump
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First official visit in India for US president Donald Trump

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, arrived in India on Monday morning for his first official visit to the country and was greeted by a large crowd.

The U.S. President’s plane landed at Ahmedabad International Airport in western India, where he met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A busy schedule of appointments for Trump: is expected in Agra to visit the Taj Mahal in the absence of the sun, before going to New Delhi, where he will hold bilateral meetings between American and Indian officials on Tuesday.

This visit will be an opportunity to review the relations between the American President and the Indian Prime Minister, while highlighting the personal compatibility between them in light of the tension between the two countries following the protectionist policies adopted by both.

“We are not getting good treatment from India, but it is fortunate that I greatly appreciate Prime Minister Modi,” Trump said this week before his visit to India. “We are ready to come to India, we are on our way, we will be meeting everyone in a few hours,” he tweeted this morning in the Hindi language before he landed. Modi tweeted in response: “The guest is God”.

According to Al-Arabiya quoting Indian officials, India and the United States have built close political and security ties and Trump’s two-day trip is a sign of their converging interests, including a way to counter China’s rise as a superpower.

During his two-day visit, accompanied by the First Lady Melania, Trump and Modi will participate in a rally in Ahmedabad on Monday with over one hundred thousand people in the largest cricket stadium in the world which will be inaugurated on this occasion.

Modi called this meeting “Namaste Trump”, a greeting to Trump in local dialect, in response to a similar festival held by the American president in Houston, Texas, last September under the slogan “Hoody Modi”. People were carrying Indian flags, many roads were blocked off in Ahmedabad, shops shut and police stationed on rooftops and balconies. School children boarded buses bound for the stadium shouting “We love Trump.”

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