Fashion Worlds Future and its Contribution Amid Coronavirus
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Fashion Worlds Future and its Contribution Amid Coronavirus

The entire world is currently struck and battling the coronavirus pandemic. Nations have banned travel and enforced lockdown to control the spreading of the virus. The lockdown has majorly hit the global market as malls, markets, fashion stores are all shut. One of the industries that have been smitten by this is the fashion industry. Artisans, tailors, small designers, apparel and textile industry, are facing the consequence of the outbreak worldwide.

Many major events have been canceled or postponed, such as the Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week, Met Gala, CFDA Awards, and others.

In March, The famous India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2020 got postponed, and the Chairman of Fashion Design Council Of India (FDCI) Sunil Sethi issued refunds to designers and sponsors who had invested in the show and stalls for the event. FDCI has also set up a fund to provide financial aid to small designers and businesses in the Indian Fashion Industry.

Big international brands like Giorgio Armani, Dior, Burberry, and many more pitched in to help mobilize by stitching masks and gowns for frontline workers.

Dior reopened its BabyDior brand in Redon and volunteered to produce new masks and aid the healthcare professionals.

Giorgio Armani, in his Instagram post, announced that companies Italian production plants will contribute towards manufacturing disposable medical overalls for frontline workers.

Burberry stated that the company’s global supply chain would produce 100,000 surgical masks and support the NHS, and added that they stand together in the battle against coronavirus.

No one knows how the global fashion world will recover from such a drastic economic loss. The fashion and luxury industry is predicted to suffer around $600 billion due to the coronavirus, and it will surely make the consumers think before spending on luxury goods.

Article Credit: Hindustan Times/Vogue Business/USA Today/Quartz

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