Dr. Scott Atlas, Misinformed Covid-19 Special Advisor Drops Towel In Trump Administration

Dr. Scott Atlas, Misinformed Covid-19 Special Advisor Drops Towel In Trump Administration

Dr. Scott Atlas, the trusted Covid advisor of Donald Trump’s office has finally resigned. He was the special advisor to the Trump on coronavirus. While exiting from the position, he did say that he ‘totally believe in the workings of science and evidence, with no political consideration or influence,’ his stance to question the use of masks has been rather hilarious. 

His appointment was jarring because of his constant rebuttals with the other members of the special Covid-19 taskforce. There was also the strange part of his previous employment as a radiologist. He was a senior fellow at Stanford University‘s conservative Hoover Institution before he joined the task force in August 2020. Atlas is said to have been against lockdowns and supported herd immunity as a strategy to deal with the outbreak.

His statement in the social media over Michigan skirmish was completely a thoughtful outburst. It was further proven that, Atlas might have been giving misguiding information to Donald Trump who was acting on it thereafter. He was accused of doing so by public health officials – including top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci.

While Atlas has been saying that his approach was to create minimal harm and quick recovery, academicians in Stanford University have said that all his advice did was spread misinformation, away from making use of science and evidence.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden has taken a markedly different stance to his predecessor, urging everyone to wear masks and pledging a “bedrock of science” to his policy on tackling the pandemic.  

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