Donald Trump: “They rigged the presidential elections. Georgia last line of defense to save America”

Donald Trump: “They rigged the presidential elections. Georgia last line of defense to save America”

Georgia last line of defense: Trump exhibits a reckless balancing act: many Republicans fear that his fraud allegations will end up demotivating some right-wing voters, reducing turnout. But he manages to support the two opposites: that the elections are rigged, and that Americans must go and vote anyway to save this great nation. Kelly Loeffler, outgoing senator and Republican candidate, is with him on the stage and supports him unreservedly: “Wednesday when Congress meets in Washington to validate the election, I will oppose it.”

“We cannot allow the Democrats to steal the Senate as well” after attempts to steal the White House. The Democrats will not take this White House. We will fight.” The U.S. outgoing president Donald Trump said in Georgia a few hours after the ballots that will decide who among the Democrats and Republicans will control the Senate. The Republican candidate has already unveiled that, in the event of a winning, she will oppose the certification of Biden’s victory in the Senate.

Kelly Loeffler, the Republican seeking reconfirmation in the Senate for Georgia, will oppose the trial to certify Biden’s victory in Congress. “The Americans deserve a platform in Congress, provided for in the Constitution, to raise electoral problems. It is for this that on January 6, I will vote to allow President Trump and the Americans to be heard, and I will support the opposition to the process to certify the vote of the great voters “. She said, shortly after the opening of polling stations in Georgia for the expected ballot that will decide the majority in the Senate.

“Rigged elections, there is no way we have lost.” Donald Trump attacked, speaking in Georgia, in the last rally before the vote. It is one of the “most important ballots in history. The whole world is watching you,” Trump told his supporters. “I hope Mike Pence will side with us. He is a good person. I like him very much. In recent weeks we have shown that we have won the election with an avalanche of votes.” Trump added, referring to the fact that the vice president will preside over Congress in the process to certify the vote of the great voters and who instead declared that he did not want to help the tycoon in his move against Biden.

The Georgia ballots are for Trump “the last way to defend and save the America we love, the last line of defense.” Donald Trump said that if the Democrats win in Georgia, they will transform the country by opening up to immigrants. “They will take away your health coverage. If we don’t act now, there will be no more fair elections. Religious freedom will disappear, as will the Second Amendment and the police: the damage they could do is permanent and irreparable.” The stakes could not be higher in these ballots, added Trump in what appears to be the latest attempt to overturn the electoral result and urged his supporters to vote.

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