Donald Trump condemns the violence and the Twitter founder questions the decision to ban the tycoon

Donald Trump condemns the violence and the Twitter founder questions the decision to ban the tycoon

Donald Trump condemns the violence: The outgoing President of the United States, Donald Trump, said he brought in thousands of national security personnel to protect Washington DC, and to ensure a safe transfer of power. In a videotaped speech on Thursday, he condemned the violence that took place in Capitol Hill last week, adding that “those who participated in the violence will be brought before the law.”

Donald Trump added that “there is no real supporter of mine who could threaten or attack an American citizen.” The outgoing President said the United States is witnessing an unprecedented attack on freedom of expression, referring to the closure of his social media accounts following the violence. Trump appeared calmer during his speech and no longer mentioned the rigged elections as in the past, but did not acknowledge his electoral defeat.

Trump became the first president in US history to be referred to the Senate twice for impeachment, after the Parliament accused him on Wednesday of inciting rebellion after a mob of his supporters stormed the country Capitol on January 6. A week before The Donald leaves the White House, with 232 votes, 191 all Democratic lawmakers and ten Republicans voted in favor of the impeachment decision. According to Agence France-Presse, Trump’s trial in the Senate is expected to begin after his term ends on January 20.

And because Democrats control the House of Representatives, the prosecution’s approval has been guaranteed. But the most important question that worried Americans on Wednesday is how many Republicans defect and join the Democratic majority. Among the ten Republicans who have defected is Representative Liz Cheney, considered the party’s third-senior official in the House of Representatives.

Wednesday evening, the democratic House president Nancy Pelosi found that the indictment just passed by the House against the outgoing, for his second trial before the Senate, to impeach him proves that “no one is above the law.” During signing the indictment in preparation for the referral to the Senate, that the House of Representatives demonstrated today, with bipartisan participation, that no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States, reiterating the warning that Trump represents an “obvious and immediate danger” to the country.

Twitter founder and president Jack Dorsey said Wednesday that the social platform’s decision to impose a ban on Donald Trump was the “right choice,” but still a failure and sets a dangerous precedent for the amount of power enjoyed by major Internet companies.

In a series of tweets addressing the company’s decision to stop Trump from using the platform indefinitely, Dorsey said this ban represents a failure on Twitter’s part to foster a healthy conversation on the internet. Dorsey added that the ban on Trump, who had more than 88 million followers on his Twitter account, sets a precedent that strikes me as dangerous: the power an individual or company enjoys over part of the public conversation.

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