COVID-19 immunization program brings hope to the NHS staff, Businesses, and UK citizens

COVID-19 immunization program brings hope to the NHS staff, Businesses, and UK citizens

COVID-19 immunization program: The United Kingdom began the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech immunization program on Dec 8. The NHS is giving top priority to citizens that are above 80 years of age, care home workers, and frontline healthcare workers, BBC reports.

The UK has secured 800,000 doses of vaccine; however, officials say it will take time to bring back life to normal. Following the immunization program, businesses are hopeful that people will be resuming work gradually. 

A worldwide inoculation program that is relied upon to pick up pace as more serums win the medical approval. 

The first phase of the U.K’s. immunization program on 8 Dec would be known in history as ‘V-Day’

May Parson, an NHS nurse who had vaccinated Keenan on Tuesday, stated that it was a “great honor” to be the first in the nation to administer the Pfizer vaccine to a patient.

“The recent months have been very tough for us all working in the NHS, yet now it seems like there is a ray of hope due to the arrival of the covid-19 vaccine,” Parson added. Parson is originally from the Philippines and she has been working for the NHS for 24 years.

‘Bill’ William Shakespeare, 81, was the second person to receive the vaccine in the University Hospital in Coventry in the Midlands. The photograph of ‘Bill’ Shakespeare receiving the injection went viral on social media, with comments, such as ‘The Taming of Flu’ and ‘The Two Gentlemen of Corona’

An older citizen of Britain, Hari Shukla, a retired teacher along with his wife, Ranjan, 83, was vaccinated at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. Shukla stated that when he received a call about the vaccine, he was very excited to have gotten the opportunity to participate in this.″. “So we are very excited and thrilled as well,″ The Telegraph reported.

His Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, are expected to be among the first to get the immunization. 

While the U.K. has a very well-organized framework for delivering the vaccine, it is all set to vaccinate pregnant ladies, school kids gradually reaching the whole population. 

Public health authorities around the world are observing Britain’s vaccine rollout as they plan for the remarkable undertaking of immunizing billions of people, a big step towards ending the coronavirus pandemic.

PM Boris Johnson stated on 8 Dec: The historic day marks a tremendous step forward in the UK’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic. As the program rolls out, it is as significant as could be expected to keep to the Covid winter plan – observing the guidelines in your region and recall the essentials protocols of sanitizing hands, covering the face, and maintaining social distance.”

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