China Uses Party Committee Mechanisms For Indirect Spying
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China Uses Party Committee Mechanisms For Indirect Spying

Indirect Spying: China has taken its party system way too seriously, when it has been revealed that it actually has specific party representation through a consortium of parties that fall under the state control. These party links have been traced back to Indian Consulate in Shanghai and seven such representations have been revealed through a trusted source to the media in India. 

Apparently, a Chinese state-owned recruitment agency was roped in to provide such employment that has presence not just in India but in other parts of the world too. The Communist Party in China functions through the system of branches. Many big corporations in China function through committees. 

The source has also confirmed the presence of atleast 79,000 CPC branches. It lists over 1.95 million people as CPC members, which is about 2.1 percent of the estimated total CPC membership base of 92 million. According to trusted sources, it has been confirmed that these CPC members are employed with multinational corporations across banking, defence, pharmaceutical and financial sectors. The companies include ANZ, HSBC, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Volkswagen and Boeing.

This just means there is no information that is not reaching Beijing and that hidden espionage cannot be ruled out. Alteast seven CPC branches have Indian connections with almost 90plus membership. Currently, there are as many as 30 Chinese representative working in various foreign consulates through the services of Chinese state-owned Foreign Agency Service Department. Earlier on in the year, it was discovered that China was trying to hack into the telecommunication links of India via Chinese telecom and IT companies that were selling spare parts to India. Cases of cyber phishing through dubious hardware were reported. The Centre then levied a ban on any Chinese spare parts to be picked by Indian counterparts without due diligence. 

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