California’s Governor, announces statewide order to ‘stay home’ as corona rise

California’s Governor, announces statewide order to ‘stay home’ as corona rise

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom ordered residents to remain at home indefinitely and go outside when it’s necessary, and he cautioned that the coronavirus threat could inundate the state’s medical system.

The announcement came after he sent a letter to President Donald Trump, cautioning the infection was spreading rapidly and could infect the large part of California’s population.

“I can guarantee you home quarantine isn’t my favored decision, I know it’s not yours, yet it’s a vital one,” Governor Newsom stated at a press meet on Thursday.

He guaranteed residents that they “can take their children outside, but to practice social distancing. You can even take your dog for walks”. Eateries meals could be home delivered. “I don’t believe that residents of California should be notified via law enforcement that it’s important to stay home,” he added.

As indicated in the data of Johns Hopkins University, There are around 1,030 affirmed infected cases in California, and 18 people have expired.

Lately, panic shopping has led to long queues in some markets because of which the Governor needed to call upon the 500 National Guard troops to help disperse food.

According to the World Health Organization, For some people, the novel coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, like flu. It can cause progressively severe disease, including pneumonia, for specific individuals, particularly elderly and those with existing medical issues.
The vast majority recovers – those with mild sickness in about fourteen days, while those with the progressively serious ailment may take three to six weeks.

Newsom had composed a letter to Trump requesting for the hospital ship, expressing that California’s disease rates were multiplying at a fast pace. He likewise asked the House and Senate leaders for $1 billion to help start state-run and mobile hospitals. He said the cash would be a help in testing and treatment for individuals without health care coverage.

Article Credit: CNBC/The National

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