Anarchy in US: World watches in horror as Pro-Trump rioters breach Capitol building

Anarchy in US: World watches in horror as Pro-Trump rioters breach Capitol building

Anarchy in US: Wednesday afternoon saw horrific unfolding in Washington DC, the capital city of world’s largest democracy, as a mob of angered and provoked Donald Trump supporters breached the Capitol Hill and stormed in the building. At the time Congress was in process of official counting of Electoral College votes to declare Joe Biden the next President of United States of America. 

The ’terrorists’ clashed with the police as the Security Service personnel were scrambling to safeguard and disperse Congressmen and leaders. The sole prospect of riots was driven by a single agenda – stop the certification in favor of Joe Biden. The act is largely in line with long going calls by Donald Trump to his supporters to “march on the Capitol” and “save America” by undoing his election defeat. 

The mob entered the Senate chamber where few minutes earlier election results for Biden’s victory were being certified. A reporter on scene relays that a rioter stepped on the chamber dais and yelled, “Trump won that election.” 

President Trump, going in sync with his regular chime, supported the mob’s actions and called them “very special” people. However, after urging from White House official he released a video message asking his rioting supporters to return, but he did not condemn the whole action. The video that was later deleted by Twitter showed Trump urging people to “go home” but also legitimized the falsehoods around the insurrection and called elections “stolen”. In the video, he also told the angry rioters “we love you.” Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump too tweeted in support of the mob calling them “patriots” but later deleted the tweet. 

President-elect Joe Biden called on Trump to end the siege. In a speech in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden said, “It’s not a protest, it’s insurrection. The world is watching.” He was also joined in by former President George W Bush in calling the riots as “insurrection”. 

Four hours after the breach, Capitol was established back as secure. Senators were escorted back to the Chamber where certification of Biden’s presidential election victory was resumed. 

Vice President Mike Pence opened the session, clearly sidelining from Trump, saying, “To those who wreaked havoc in our Capitol today: You did not win. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. And this is still the people’s house…Let’s get back to work.”

In the whole chaos, a woman was shot in chest as the Trump supporter was storming into the building. The woman was later declared dead. 

Robert Contee, DC Police Chief, said that so far 13 people have been arrested for the riots. Curfew went into effect in Washington DC at 6 pm and will be in effect until 6 am on Thursday.

Many representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many GOP Senators have called for Trump’s impeachment, even though just two weeks are left in his tenure. 

As Trump’s presidency nears end, what legacy he would be leaving behind would be of biggest American carnage and unforgettable inequality across the nation, fueled in by the person sitting in Oval Office.

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