Why European Politicians would like to bet on Biden over Trump

Why European Politicians would like to bet on Biden over Trump

As a whole, the EU might have continued to clash with Trump administration over distrusting agendas and policies. However, given the nature of the EU member nations separately, and they continue to have mixed feelings of supporting Donald Trump of Joe Biden.

With Trump, multilateralism will remain lost; also will balanced foreign policy between the US and Europe. On the flipside, with Biden both the above can thrive, believe political think tanks.

The ones who really want to see a unified Europe are all for Joe Biden. Trump, on the flipside, has been thriving on the ill will at heart that each member nation is better off on its own, and should concentrate on securing its own solidarity.

This fails the whole purpose of having a unified European Union in the first place. The more mature and able thinking ones with a futuristic approach are banking their money on Biden.

Even the market pundits are clear and sure on this outcome, despite what the polling data would say. It is no surprise therefore that the political betting analyst for European sportsbook and even the betting exchange Betfair is staking his entire reputation as a political gambling authority in Europe on his call for 2020.

There is no denying that Trump has strained and in some cases crippled long-standing good relations with nations in Europe.  That is one reason that many politicians are hoping that with Biden taking on the White House, there could be sunnier days ahead.

If Trump does come back for a second term, Janis Emmanouilidis, the director of the European Policy Centre, a Brussels think tank envisions darker times ahead, “It is likely that he [Trump] will be putting more pressure on Europe in his second term than he has done in the first term. He’s also identified Europe as a bigger evil than other global players.” The overall message of hope is that a President Biden might not do everything differently from Trump, but it’s reasonable to assume that he would support traditional American allies, listen to them and search for common ground.

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