“We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Mnuchin says

“We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Mnuchin says

On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced The White House’s coronavirus relief fund plan could see each American get a $1,000 check from the administration within nine weeks, The Hill published.

Citing the Fox News Business talk, Mnuchin stated, “This is an unprecedented situation, where for a good reason the government has instructed major parts of the economy to close down so that we can win this fight against this virus,” “While we’re doing that, we understand there are impacts on hard-working Americans, and the president is determined to support them.”

The White House and the Republicans have proposed a package plan of $1 trillion that would provide each adult American a $1,000 check, additionally a $500 check for each kid. A family with two guardians and two kids, for instance, would receive $3,000. The United States’ new plan proposal will be a major step to support its citizens in times of socio-economic crisis.

Mnuchin said “When Congress passes this bill we will get this out in three weeks, and afterward a month and a half later, if the president despite everything has a national crisis, we’ll convey another $3,000.”

Another $300 billion in the bill would be utilized to assist companies, helping people’s jobs, and offer postponement of loans until the crisis eases. As of now, joblessness claims have shot up by about 33 percent between the initial two weeks of March.

The first was the $8.3 billion bill centered on health agencies and first responders. The second law, which was passed on Wednesday, set $104 billion toward crisis paid leave, free virus testing, and extended unemployment insurance. Also, the current proposed bill, whenever passed, would be the third, and largest, in the administration’s response to coronavirus, The Hill published.

Article Credit: The Hill/Politico

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