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Wells Fargo Bank Admits To Stealing Money From Public

Wells Fargo Bank Admits To Stealing Money From Public

An American bank Wells Fargo & Co has finally agreed to wrongdoing in the form of pressurizing employees in a fake accounts scandal. This was long pending case with the US Justice Department and Securities. The San Francisco based bank has now agreed to pay $3 billion (2.3 billion pounds) to resolve criminal and civil probes against it. It was accused for fraudulent sales practices and has admitted to the same.

The bank will also enter into a three-year deferred prosecution agreement during which it will continue to cooperate with any ongoing government investigations, Justice Department officials have confirmed in a media statement.

Wells Fargo &Co admitted that between 2002 and 2016, it indeed did pressurize employees to meet “unrealistic sales goals that led thousands of employees to provide millions of accounts or products to customers under false pretenses or without consent, often by creating false records or misusing customers’ identities,” the department confirmed it their media address.

Nick Hanna, U.S. attorney for the Central District of California further added that “this case illustrates a complete failure of leadership at multiple levels within the bank. Simply put, Wells Fargo traded its hard-earned reputation for short-term profits, and harmed untold numbers of customers along the way.”

Strangely, the top management in the bank’s community bank division was aware of this wrongdoing since 2002, and many of these unethical and unlawful activities were simply termed as ‘gaming’ within the bank’s working language.

About $500 million of the penalties will go to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to be distributed to investors to settle charges that the bank committed fraud by misleading investors about its sales practices, an SEC official shared with the media.

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Taliban confirms signing agreement with US on February 29

Taliban confirms signing agreement with US on February 29

The radical Taliban movement has announced its intention to sign an agreement with the United States on February 29. This was reported on Friday by the representative of the Taliban, Zabihulla Mujahid.

“Now both parties must create an appropriate security environment in anticipation of the signing of the agreement,” Mujahid said.

Earlier, the upcoming signing of the agreement with the Taliban was announced by the head of the press service of the US Department of State, Morgan Ortegus. It was noted that soon after this, intra-Afghan negotiations will be held, on which, on the basis of this agreement, an attempt will be made to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan.

The National Security Council of Afghanistan, announced that the government and the Taliban have reached an agreement on a regime to reduce violence, which should take effect at midnight from Friday to Saturday. The regime will last seven days.

On Thursday, the Taliban radical movement announced that it will soon reach final agreements with US authorities to reduce violence in Afghanistan. In the future, this should allow all foreign troops to withdraw from the country. US President Donald Trump said on February 13 that Washington and the Taliban could soon announce deals. He added that the United States “would like to bring its military back home” from Afghanistan.

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Wikileaks Founder Might Receive Pardon  For Trump

Wikileaks Founder Might Receive Pardon For Trump

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange could save his life if he would just deny that Russia had anything to do with WikiLeaks’ publication of Democratic Party emails in 2016, the Trump government has said. This has been confirmed by his lawyer in London who is now considering releasing the Australian editor-journalist.

This announcement could actually lead to his extradition to the U.S. His lawyers have proven the fact that the former Republican U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher had been sent by the president to visit Assange in 2017 to offer him a pardon. However Rohrabacher has denied ever having spoken to the president about Assange.

Assange is wanted in the US on 18 counts of including conspiring to hack government computers and violating an espionage law. He could spend decades behind bars if convicted.

The Australian-born Assange made global headlines in early 2010 when WikiLeaks published a classified U.S. military video showing a 2007 attack by Apache helicopters in Baghdad that killed a dozen people, including two Reuters news staff. In 2010, his website is said to have enraged Washington by leaking secret U.S. documents making them easy for public consumption.

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Trump Chooses Loyalist Over Apt Candidates For National Intelligence Position

Trump Chooses Loyalist Over Apt Candidates For National Intelligence Position

Donald Trump is now turning to his well wishes and loyalist than working a way to keep in good terms with his own administration. It is confirmed that Trump has now named Richard Grenell, the current U.S. ambassador to Germany, as his next acting director of national intelligence. Trump has been seen to be in logger heads with his own intelligence agencies.

Grenell will be replacing the current acting director, Joseph Maguire, whose temporary term expires in March 2020. Grenell is known for his blunt style and seems to have won himself this position due to his close ties to Mr. Trump.

Trump has had multiple persons holding the gate for him. Earlier it was Rep. John Ratcliffe (R., Texas), who was promptly removed after he raised concerns among senators that he would seek to politicize U.S. intelligence.

He was replaced by Mr. Maguire, a retired Navy vice admiral who acted as the interim steward of the U.S. intelligence community last summer.

The first openly gay cabinet level official in American history, Grenell might have to face stiff resistance and sharp opposition from Democrats if the White House tried to push through a Senate nomination and confirmation process.

It is still not confirmed as to when he would be assuming the new role, but news has been out that Grenell has been looking at getting out of his official role and entering the private sector instead. He is expected to serve as acting director of national intelligence for at most four months, providing a stopgap that allows Mr. Trump to find a director for his potential second term.

The law creating the job of DNI, the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, states that any nominee for the post “shall have extensive national security expertise.” In the perception of the Democrats, Grenell lacks any kind of exposure and experience in dealing with intelligence to be considered fit for such a role.

However, Trump seems to be believe more in his loyalists as he has been extremely mistrusting of any kind of intelligence shared with him through the existing set of officials in the various intelligence agencies.

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Bolton criticized Trump’s policies

Bolton criticized Trump’s policies

Story Former Assistant of the President of the United States on National Security John Bolton criticized the Donald Trump administration foreign policy towards a number of countries, while expressing the hope that the White House will ultimately withdraw objections to the publication of his book, including the conversation between the American leader and the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. This Bolton said on Monday, speaking at Duke University (North Carolina).

It is noted that video and audio during the speech of ex-assistant Trump were limited, journalists had to record key points on paper. So, according to Bolton, “it was clear that Trump’s course towards North Korea would fail.” “There is no evidence that the North Korean authorities made a strategic decision to abandon the desire to possess nuclear weapons,” the television station quoted Bolton as saying.
He also made it clear that as an assistant to the president of the United States on national security, he advocated an even greater tightening of the course towards Iran until the change of leadership of this country. “I don’t think that we, USA are exerting on Tehran the maximum pressure,” Bolton said.

Bolton also expressed his opinion about Trump’s “not tight enough” policy towards Russia.
Former Trump’s assistant disappointed reporters and the public, expecting from him the revelations set forth in his book. “I hope they don’t ban it,” Bolton said. He refused to disclose the contents of a series of confidential conversations with the US president, expressing the hope that “someday they will become public.” When asked to clarify his position regarding military assistance to Ukraine and Trump’s conversation with Zelensky, Bolton recommended reading a specific chapter of the book when it sees the light of day.

“I tried to write a story. I did everything in my power. Let’s see what happens with censorship,” the ex-assistant to the head of state added.

On January 23, the National Security Council (NSC) sent Bolton’s lawyer Charles Cooper of Cooper and Kirk, a Washington law firm, a notice that the new book by the former US Assistant to the President for National Security contains information that is a state secret and therefore cannot be published in it current form.

US President Donald Trump dismissed Bolton in September last year. The American leader explained this decision by saying that he made serious mistakes. In November last year, the Associated Press reported on the plans of the ex-adviser to the head of the American administration to write a book and publish it on the basis of an agreement with Simon & Schuster. According to AP, Bolton’s fee will be $ 2 million.

Meanwhile, was reported that the text claims that Trump told Bolton last August that he wants to continue to block military assistance to Ukraine until Kiev begins an investigation into the case of former US Vice President Joseph Biden and his son.

Trump, representing the Republican Party, allegedly sought to link military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of about $ 400 million with his request to start a trial regarding the work of Hunter Biden in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The son of a former US vice president, a Democrat, was part of its leadership. In addition, the American leader requested that the activities of the National Committee of the Democratic Party be included in the investigation.

Joseph Biden is one of Trump’s main rivals in the upcoming US presidential election in November.

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Washington seeks special envoy for nuclear  talks with Russia

Washington seeks special envoy for nuclear talks with Russia

The US administration wants to appoint a special envoy to negotiate with Moscow on arms control.
The main area of activity of such a negotiator should be a dialogue with the Russian Federation, but US President Donald Trump may insist that he also engage in involving China in this process.While the US administration has not selected a candidate for such a position, searches have been going on since the end of last year. Potential bidders included the former head of the US delegation to negotiate with the USSR on the Strategic Arms Reduction and Reduction Treaty (START-I), Richard Burt, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism Marshall Billingsley and Stephen Hadley, Assistant to the President US National Security Under George W. Bush. One source told the newspaper that a list of possible candidates was sent to US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo a few weeks ago.
The State Department and the National Security Council of the White House have not yet commented on this information.
The search for a special envoy for arms control negotiations may delay the decision on the fate of the Russian-American Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms (START, or START III). “I was told that there was no work in this direction until they appointed a senior negotiator,” a former Pentagon official told the publication. The newspaper also notes that, in the opinion of many, including analysts and assistants to US lawmakers, Washington has no serious plans on how to interact with the Russian Federation or China in such negotiations, and the US administration “seems paralyzed” in this matter.
Last week, Assistant President of the United States for National Security Robert O’Brien said Washington would soon begin negotiations with Moscow on arms control and nuclear issues. Then he also noted that the US administration proceeds from the fact that the question of a possible extension or replacement of START is open.
Moscow calls on Washington not to delay the issue of the possibility of extending the treaty and characterizes it as the gold standard in the field of disarmament. Trump assured that the United States would like to conclude a new arms control agreement with Russia, China and, possibly, several other countries. To the additional question of whether the United States would like to extend the START, the head of the White House did not answer.
On Tuesday, O’Brien, speaking to the Washington Atlantic Council, admitted that China is currently not showing interest in joining arms control negotiations.
In January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Moscow did not intend to try to force Beijing to engage in an arms control dialogue with Washington. See more News of America Today .

Bernie Sanders Wins Popular Vote

Bernie Sanders Wins Popular Vote

Bernie Sanders has won in the New Hampshire Primary election, creating a place for himself towards the race for the presidential elections. However, Vermont senator has been able to narrowly beat Pete Buttigieg with Amy Klobuchar coming in third position.
Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren have been left behind in the race with having won only 10 percent of the votes in New Hampshire.

He is a 78-year-old self-described democratic socialist who truly believes in a united country. His win is looking strong enough for him to propel him into contests in Nevada and South Carolina, two states where he lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary. That year, Mr. Sanders easily won in New Hampshire with more than 60% of the vote.

A tilt towards Sanders has come as the public has seen some reason in sane leadership and decided to shift their vote from Trump to more mature leadership.
Warren and Biden could not win the trust of the place they were campaigning in. And then made the biggest mistake to have played down the significance of this state, with the former vice president leaving early to attend a campaign party in South Carolina.
Exit polls released by television networks indicated that nearly half—48%—of New Hampshire voters surveyed made their decision within the past few days, another indication of a dynamic electorate.

Biden has not had a good fate in Iowa also. However, he is banking on some magic to happen in the March session of elections. He has been popular amongst black voters hoping for a strong swinging in South Carolina. To see all the latest News of America Today .

White House considers Putin’s proposal for meeting of UN Security Council

White House considers Putin’s proposal for meeting of UN Security Council

White House considers the proposal by Russian President Vladimir Putin to meet with leaders of countries that are permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, UK, China, USA, France)  This was announced on Sunday by US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.

 “I know that this proposal is under consideration at the White House,” he said.

 Sullivan noted that US President Donald Trump welcomes the opportunity to speak with the Russian leader.  “Let’s see what his reaction will be,” the ambassador added.

 On January 23, speaking at the World Holocaust Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed convening a summit of the “five” permanent members of the UN Security Council in 2020.  Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that China and France have already supported this initiative.See more News of America Today

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

A political stalwart is in loggerheads with a roughly half the age military veteran and both are eyeing the Democratic nomination for the presidential post in the White House. This refers to none other than Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Both rivals took two top spots at the Iowa caucuses where 37 years young
Buttigieg bagged 14 delegates while the 78 years of age, Sanders bagged 12 delegates. One is trailing the other by small margins. Political analysts rightly observe that the numbers are low in terms of the total a candidate would need to secure the nomination. But this little win in their kitty does provide critical early momentum.

New Hampshire is the next pit stop for the other 9 contenders who all have been troubled with the low turnout of voters at the Iowa caucus. New Hampshire is of the many states which will need to be won by one of these contenders to get a majority to be able to contest the presidential elections for 2020.

Buttigieg speaks of the future. If elected, he would be the first open gay president in the world. Also, while referring to Trump, he drew applause in New Hampshire when he said “we need a politics that works for us and brings us together.” He was definitely referring to Trump’s allegiance to lobbies of all kinds that have funded his campaigns and other agendas.

But Sanders have hit it back saying that “Because we bring forth an agenda that doesn’t ask for approval from Wall Street, or the drug companies, our agenda is the agenda that represents working families.” Sanders had referred to Buttigieg of taking millions off billionaires.
Joe Biden on the other hand will steer clear of the open fight between Sanders and Buttigieg. Biden, who had fewer events scheduled on Sunday than his rivals, conceded he was out-organized by Sanders and Buttigieg in Iowa. He reiterated his long-standing belief that he would perform better in states with more African Americans and other voters of color, including upcoming contests in Nevada and South Carolina.For more News of America Today

Trump Administration Used Cellphone Data To Track Immigrant Movement

Trump Administration Used Cellphone Data To Track Immigrant Movement

By Uttara Malhotra.

In a strange revelation, it has been discovered how the US government has been buying information from private vendors to keep track of movement of immigrants. The Trump administration has gone the road of buying data off a company that maps the movement of millions of mobile phones in America.  

It has further been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal that came across relevant documents confirming this piece of information, that the Homeland Security has already made use of this information to catch hold of illegal immigrant movement on the Mexican border.

The information has also been used by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Both agencies fall under the purview of DHS (U.S. Department of Homeland Security).

According to people familiar with the matter, all these agencies uses the information to look into the mobile phone activity that occurs in unusual places like in remote stretches of desert that straddle the Mexican border.

This is seemingly jarring, because this speaks for literally violation of private space of an individual and this kind of tactic for vigilance has never been used by the government before.

According to federal spending contracts, a division of DHS that creates experimental products had begun buying location data in 2017 itself. Its first data provider was Venntel Inc. of Herndon, Va., a small company that shares several executives and patents with Gravy Analytics, a major player in the mobile-advertising world. Venntel, in turn has purchased the information from private marketing companies that sell the location data of millions of cellphones to advertisers.

While all this is complete breach of trust and invasion of privacy to sell people’s mobile movement data, the government agencies have not shied away from accepting that they have indeed accessed this data. However, the use of the data was not disclosed. It has been confirmed by private companies providing such data that this data is pseudonymised. That means each cellphone is represented by an alphanumeric advertising identifier that is not linked to the name of the cellphone’s owner. So, while the advertising identifier is flagged up, the personal data of the individual is not seen. The private company that provides the data states that this data can be used to identify and track individuals based on their real-world behavior but will not identify the individual. To see more news in america.

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