Outbreaks outside of the country may have caused Covid-19 pandemic, says China’s FM Wang Yi
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Outbreaks outside of the country may have caused Covid-19 pandemic, says China’s FM Wang Yi

China’s FM Wang Yi: While the World Health Organization (WHO) continues investigating the origin of SARS-Cov-2, the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi suggests that the pandemic may have occurred outside China amid the growing scrutiny over the origin.

“A lot of research has suggested that the pandemic was probably flared up by numerous outbreaks on the globe,” FM Wang Yi stated in an interview with the Xinhua News Agency and state telecaster CCTV.

Wang Yi added that China has made prompt moves to do an epidemiological investigation, identify the microorganism, and announce key data including the genome sequencing of the infection, Wang added. “This sounded alerts across the world.” 

After the pandemic outbreak, China was criticized for covering up the human transmission of the virus and for being slow in curtailing the spread.

Soon the US and China began to point fingers at each other over the pandemic. On many occasions, President Trump had blamed China for the spread suggesting that the laboratory in Wuhan may have either accidentally or intentionally leaked the virus, and also criticized it by calling it a Chinese or Wuhan virus.

China completely denied the allegations and continues to reiterate that the pandemic had spread from outside their nation.

China is additionally seeking to reevaluate its reaction and the early history of the virus. Authorities and state media have on the other hand pushed speculations connecting coronavirus to the U.S. military, that the virus might have entered China via imported frozen food.

However, according to the Chinese FM, China has remained at the forefront of battling inaccurate information, disproving endeavors of politicization and derision.

A representative for the council stated a month ago that the WHO hoped its team of experts investigating the origin. China likewise leveled trade limitations on Australia after it required an autonomous probe concerning the coronavirus’s source.

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