Johnson promises overhaul of defense and foreign policy

Johnson promises overhaul of defense and foreign policy

Boris Johnson has unveiled a post-Brexit audit of defense and foreign policy trying to settle Britain’s national security system for the following five years.

The half-year exercise is another step in the prime minister’s affirmation of control following the controversial cabinet reshuffle and comes while developing cyber threats and vulnerability about the UK’s place on the globe.

Some Whitehall sources said the appointment of Ellis added up to a defeat for Cummings, who they said had been attempting to delegate authorities to take a shot at the audit as a result of his aggressive reputation across Whitehall.

However, while Ellis will report straight to Sir Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary and Britain’s most remarkable government worker, the terms of a survey clarified it would likewise include “a small team in 10 Downing Street comprised of specialists from inside and outside the public service.”

Defense and security review usually takes place every five-year intervals, yet this one will be different as it will be reviewing the nation’s foreign policy needs when the UK has quite recently left the EU and as it measures up how intently it needs to be aligned to the United States.

A few specialists criticized as Downing Street is permitting the audit to run simultaneously as the complete spending review – which they said implied that more extensive budgetary limitations would restrict any of its decisions.

The Foreign Office, Ministry of Defense, and other government offices will serve into the central review group, while final decisions will be made by the National Security Council, a body of senior ministers led by PM Boris Johnson.

Article Credit: BBC/ The Guardian

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