Japan airport provides cardboard beds to passengers awaiting COVID-19 test results
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Japan airport provides cardboard beds to passengers awaiting COVID-19 test results

Amid the COVID-19 lockdown several passengers are stranded at airports in parts of the world. In order to take care of the passengers from overseas, Japan’s Narita Airport prepared a makeshift hotel in its baggage-claim area. The passengers are provided beds made of cardboard, along with mattresses, quilts, and pillows.

As per media reports, these international passengers are stranded at the airport while waiting for their Coronavirus test results. The cardboard bedding at the airport will provide a comfortable waiting space for overseas passengers who cannot go to their family and friends due to restrictions in using public transportation.

Notably, the temporary beds are made from heavy-duty cardboard, developed for use in evacuation centres during disasters and other times of crisis. The airport authorities are also providing the passengers with snacks and beverages during the time.

While the movement of flights at Narita airport has lowered, a small number of flights are still landing with passengers from countries like Italy and USA. After arriving at the airport, the passengers are required to undergo tests before they can be allowed to leave the premise. The government has also increased screening and testing of the passengers arriving at the airport from countries which are Coronavirus hotspots. They are also advised to quarantine themselves for 14 days upon their arrival.

During the time of emergencies, cardboard beds are commonly used in Japan. The Central government stocked up over 1,000 cardboard beds last year.

With the rise in number of confirmed cases, the country declared a state of emergency since last week to combat the spread of Coronavirus. While Japan is not yet under strict lockdown, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked the citizens to reduce human contact to tackle the spread of the virus. He further affirmed that the state of emergency would apply to the country’s biggest population centres for the next month. However, nearly after a week of the declaration of the state of emergency, citizens not strictly following the quarantine measures. They are seen crowding shopping arcades and queuing up at the grocery stores in parts of Tokyo to stock up essential commodities. On April 14, Japan’s health ministry reported more than 350 new cases of infected people taking the total number above 7,700 in the country.

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