COVID-19 outbreak: US-China cooperation need of the hour

COVID-19 outbreak: US-China cooperation need of the hour

The world is facing a never-seen-before global health pandemic in the face of the novel Coronavirus. At this taxing time, there is a need for some degree of cooperation between the two superpowers of the world – the United States and China.

Notably, the relations between Washington and Beijing have already been challenging even before the virus outbreak. However, with the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic – which began in China’s Wuhan city in December 2019 – relations between the two countries have been becoming more distressing with each passing day.

From China falsely attributing that Coronavirus originated from the US military to the Trump administration bad-mouthing the Mainland for the lack of transparency over the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak in its country, the war of words between the US and China has developed new rifts in their relations in the geopolitical discourse. The altercation between the countries further increased after Trump cut the funding to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Trump and his officials termed COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu”.

Nevertheless, such concerning circumstances call for the United States to cooperate with the Chinese government, not only to stem the Coronavirus outbreak but also to revive the world economy from a global recession, among other comprehensive issues. Many experts and high-level government officials have also expressed agreement towards the need for US-China cooperation.

Fundamentally, both sides should work to de-escalate the propaganda war in the middle of another war against a health pandemic. Furthermore, the countries should prepare to work co-ordinately towards impending future waves of the pandemic after the first wave settles down. Poorer countries who are unable to survive the health and economic ramifications of the pandemic outbreak are at higher risk. This calls for the United States and China to provide financial aids to the United Nations’ COVID-19 fund that will be open to countries across the world. Beijing and Washington need to formulate a cooperative action plan for the greater good.

As per recent media reports, US Secretary Mike Pompeo and top Chinese officials called for mutual cooperation in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, in an attempt to defuse tensions between the two countries amid the global health crisis.

According to the statement, both countries have expressed their commitment to tackle the pandemic outbreak and to restore global health and prosperity. Furthermore, China also agreed to continue sharing its information and experience on the pandemic prevention and control with the United States.

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