China should be utterly ashamed and apologize over the repugnant tweet, says Australian PM
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China should be utterly ashamed and apologize over the repugnant tweet, says Australian PM

Australian PM: On Monday, Australia’s PM Scott Morrison demands an apology from China over a Tweet carrying a fake photo of an Australian soldier holding the big knife over the throat of an Afghan child. 

As of late, a heightening in trade pressures between Australia and China and recommends a more souring of the overall relationship. Lately, a series of Australian businesses – from meat, grain, coal, and cotton to lobster, wine, and lumber has been the objective of anti-subsidy and against anti-dumping rules or had delayed deliveries. 

Morrison stated “It is completely outrageous and cannot be justified on any grounds… The Chinese regime should be ashamed of this tweet. It decreases them on the planet’s eyes,” Morrison stated in a press briefing. He said nations around the globe were observing how Beijing reacted to strains in Australia’s relationship with China. 

The tweet from Zhao Lijian, a representative with China’s foreign minister, seized on a report from a four-year-long official inquiry concerning the lead of Australian Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan. Zhao composed that he was “stunned by the homicide of Afghani people and detainees by Australian soldiers” and he called for responsibility. 

The tweet was joined by an incendiary photo that seems to portray an Australian soldier slashing the throat of an Afghan kid holding a sheep, along with the caption “Don’t be afraid, we are coming to bring you peace!”

Morrison told correspondents in Canberra, “The Chinese regime should be ashamed regarding this post. It lowers them on the international eyes,” “It is a bogus picture and an awful slur on our extraordinary soldiers and the people who have served in that uniform for more than 100 years. There are without doubt pressures that exist between China and Australia, yet this isn’t how you handle them.” 

Morrison also called for the resumption of dialogue between the Chinese and Australian ministers, which have been hardened this year, after Beijing condemned the Morrison regimes for an independent inquiry concerning the handling and origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

A four-year Australian Defense Force investigation beginning this month revealed evidence of 39 homicides of Afghan citizens or detainees by 25 Australian soldiers serving in Afghanistan from 2009 to 2016. The report claimed troops would compel recruits to get their first kills by executing detainees in a training known as ‘blooding’. 

The Australian administration has established a special investigation over the charges stated in the report. Troops occupied with criminal indictments and being deprived of decorations.

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