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Non-EU citizens turned back as travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Non-EU citizens turned back as travel restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Brussels have prohibited the entry of travelers from the bloc for 30 days to fight the spread of coronavirus. According to reports, Around 140 people have been advised to return from Frankfurt Airport.

On Tuesday, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that the coronavirus pandemic was causing a “socio-economic tsunami” as European leaders consented to close external borders.

The move by the EU is its most noteworthy crisis measure yet, which has paced to devise a united response to the fatal pandemic that is rapidly spreading globally. There are roughly 80,000 EU nationals around the globe waiting to get back home, an EU representative stated.

The coalition’s Schengen passport-free zone imposes the vital measures and that the EU states outside it should also follow the same, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed. Furthermore, on Monday, the French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation and upheld the move.

The ban will be in effect for 30 days and won’t impact Europeans or former EU members of Britain from getting back home.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is expected to address the nation on Wednesday night.

Macron’s office said he “solidly condemned uncoordinated measures to check internal EU borders that are not useful as far as wellbeing and harm the economy,” The National reported.

Few EU nations have shut their borders or ordered health screening controls that might slow cross-border cargo traffic, regardless of calls from Brussels for an individual European plan.

France, Italy, Spain, and now Belgium have chosen complete lockdowns, requesting residents to remain home because of precautionary measures.

PM Boris Johnson also urged residents to maintain a strategic distance and avoid large social gathering, like theaters, malls, libraries, and nightclubs.

Article Credit: The National/Reuters

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> Donald Trump ignores European Union leaders’ complaints concerning COVID-19 travel bans

Donald Trump ignores European Union leaders’ complaints concerning COVID-19 travel bans

Donald Trump ignores European Union leaders’ complaints concerning COVID-19 travel bans

On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump rejected complaints by European Union leaders that they were not counseled before he announced travel limitations from Europe due to novel coronavirus – contending that the E.U. doesn’t caution the U.S. at the point when it raises tariffs.

Trump spoke in the Oval Office, adjacent to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, that “We coexist well with the European leaders; however, we needed to settle on a decision, and I didn’t wish to spend more time, it takes longer time to call individually.” He added that he had addressed some E.U. leaders before the declaration. “Yet, we needed to hurry, I mean when they raise tariffs on us, they don’t counsel us, and I feel that is presumably very much the same,” he included.

Late Wednesday, Trump reported that travel from Europe would be restricted for 30 days – although Ireland and the U.K. are excluded. The Department of Homeland Security proceeded to explain that it affects most foreign nationals who were in Europe’s “Schengen Area” within 14 days before flying to the U.S.

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The places in question consist of 26 nations, including Italy, Greece, France, German, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway. The Trump administration had slammed a travel ban on foreign nationals who had visited China and Iran a month ago. However, E.U. leaders were enraged, saying that the worldwide pandemic requires “cooperation rather than to one-sided activity.”

E.U. Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated in an announcement that the E.U. objects to the way that the U.S. decided to impose travel bans, which were taken singularly and without discussion,” and “the European Union is taking strong measures to constrain the spread of the virus.”

Already, over 17,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Europe, with the virus spreading in 27 E.U. nations.

Donald Trump stated that “The U.K. essentially has solid borders and they’re doing an awesome job, they don’t have spread of the virus, and ideally they’ll keep it that way,” The Fox News revealed.

Article Credit: Fox News/Reuters

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Erdogan intentionally provoked the migrant’s humanitarian tragedy, tensions increase between Turkey and EU

Erdogan intentionally provoked the migrant’s humanitarian tragedy, tensions increase between Turkey and EU

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan left Brussels on Monday without an agreement with EU leaders on the current migrant crisis. Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, warned Erdogan to respect the terms of a previous deal to keep migrants away from Europe’s borders, after the Turkish leader requested more support in Syria. Can Baydarol, Turkish political scientist, expert in Turkey-EU relations, vice president of the EU and Global Studies Association (ABKAD) commented in an interview with ‘Sputnik’ on the issue of refugees on the border between Turkey and the EU, stressing that the solution to the crisis is possible in the event of a large number of technical difficulties and divergences between the parties, and according to the current situation, Turkey and the EU are far from the definitive solution.

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“Following the outcome of the contacts held in Brussels, it was made known that the negotiations on the migrant crisis have taken place constructively, but there are a large number of various technical difficulties and issues that require further discussion, therefore political dialogue on this theme will proceed”. Affirmed Baydarol, adding that the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in his statement pointed out that technical meetings will be held between the parties, in the framework of which the refugee agreement reached between Turkey and the EU on 18 March 2016 will be reviewed and updated. In the meantime, there is no information on how the document will be modified.

“For now, it seems to me – the expert added – it is too early to talk about a particular possibility of solving the migrant crisis. It is possible to find a formula that will satisfy Turkey, but it is difficult to say exactly when it will happen. Furthermore, a press conference following the talks in Brussels took place without Erdogan. This, in my opinion, shows that a consensus was not reached between the parties, otherwise Erdogan would have been present at the press conference”. The current migration crisis started from Erdogan is the greatest humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. Most of the people who find themselves on the border are refugees from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, to whom, unlike Syrian citizens, the right of asylum is not granted by the Turkish authorities. Turkey intentionally provoked this humanitarian tragedy, contributing to the massing of thousands of migrants on the border. It must be said that Erdogan is fighting along with terrorist groups in Syria and Libya, transferring thousands of Syrian fighters from Idlib to Tripoli with the possibility that some terrorists infiltrated between migrants reached European coasts.

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No support from EU to Erdogan in Syria, the Turkish sultan left Brussels without a deal

No support from EU to Erdogan in Syria, the Turkish sultan left Brussels without a deal

EU leaders, Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, warned President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday to respect the terms of a previous deal to keep migrants away from Europe’s borders, after the Turkish leader visited Brussels to request more support. There was no disguising the tension at the European Council after the talks, with Erdogan choosing to head straight for the airport rather than a joint press conference with EU leaders. Von der Leyen, the head of the European Commission, told reporters that “Clearly we do have our disagreements, but we have spoken plainly and we have spoken openly to each other”.

Back to 2016 Ankara agreed to block migrants and refugees from heading to Greece in exchange for billions of euros in EU aid. This deal between the EU and Turkey remains valid, Von der Leyen and Michel both stressed. Michel also reaffirmed that the top EU diplomat, Josep Borrell, would be working with his Turkish counterpart foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in the next few days “to be certain that we are on the same page that we have the same interpretation about what we do, in Turkey and at the level of the European Union, in order to implement the deal.”

Beforehand, Erdogan had made clear that his priority was to seek more support for his country in the conflict in Syria and to cope with millions of refugees from the fighting, but EU has very little to offer in terms of military support in Syria, where it has condemned Turkey’s engagement. The 27-nation bloc, in which most members are also Ankara’s NATO allies, has dangled the promise of further aid – but in time and under conditions. “The events at the Greek-Turkish border clearly point to politically motivated pressure on the EU’s external border,” the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said before talks with Erdogan.

“Finding a solution to this situation will require relieving the pressure that is put on the border.” Erdogan did not speak to reporters after the meeting, despite Turkish officials saying earlier that he planned to do so.

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Boris Johnson declares Brexit will steer UK to national renewal

Boris Johnson declares Brexit will steer UK to national renewal

Finally, Britain has exited the European Union; a new chapter is marked in the nation’s history and starting another new which is viewed by some with confidence and others with anxiety.

On Friday, Boris Johnson conceded that “there are many… who feel a sense of tension and misfortune” however guaranteed it would realize the revival of the UK’s “power of autonomous thought and development.”

EU pioneers looked to utilize the UK’s takeoff as a sign for other people, demanding that Britain’s choice would show that “strength doesn’t lie in isolation,” The Guardian reported.

Johnson released a video message, saying it would introduce “genuine national change and revision.”

Johnson didn’t specify “Brexit,” which Downing Street has extracted from government reciprocations, promising instead to “increase hope and opportunity in everywhere in the UK.”

However, that celebratory state of mind was not coordinated in Europe, where French President Emmanuel Macron cautioned that Brexit was a “warning sign” of immense significant importance, emphasizing his position of 2016. Talking in Paris, Macron referenced the characterizing idea of the British decision to walk out on 47 years of partnership. “There is a long history between Britain and France, which is made of opportunity, sacrifices, freedom, and wars, I won’t forget that,” he included.

Ursula von der Leyen, the European commission president, stated: “We need to have the ideal association with the United Kingdom, yet it won’t be as good as when we were together as members. Our experience has guided us that strength doesn’t lie in isolation; however, in our remarkable union. She included, “It is clear Europe will shield its interests in a decided way. Just the ones who know rules of the internal market can profit by it,” The Guardian reported.

However, the British government was determined to regard the minute as an opportunity to be a forward vision and positive of the nation’s future. In Boris Johnson’s video announcement, Johnson maintained Brexit would mark in history as a moment of “national renewal,” after which the UK could become “a big European power, and genuinely global in our reach and aspirations.”

“In our discretion, in our battle against environmental change, in our crusades for human rights or free commerce, we will rediscover muscles that we have not utilized for quite a long time. The strength of independent thinking and action,” he added.

10 Downing Street has clarified to UK businesses that they ought to get ready to confront new processes at the edge with the EU27, as the administration holds the right to change from EU rules. To watch more articles News From Europe

Article Credit: The Guardian

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