Russia Lashes Back At Canada For Speaking Out For Equal Rights Of The LGBTQI Community

Russia Lashes Back At Canada For Speaking Out For Equal Rights Of The LGBTQI Community

There are many nations that continue to be intolerant about the gay community and would go to any length to ensure that they are not heard. Russia has accused Canada for interfering in Moscow’s move to actually vote for the gay marriage ban.

The Canadian Ambassador to Russia has apparently criticized the latter for violating the human rights of the gay community and to come out clean with their act of hypocrisy. The lady bureaucrat Alison LeClaire was verbally attacked by Russian pundits over her support for LGBTQ rights on a Russian TV show recently.

Most of these critical of the outspoken Canadian have close ties to the Putin administration that a part of a constitutional exercise where Russian parliament continues to create an amendment in the marriage act which will only allow a man to be married to a woman. Once this is passed as a law, it is being said, that the amendment will set back Russia’s constitution centuries back into feudality, which is also going to ensure Vladimir Putin continues to remain PM for Russia for the rest of his life.

Canada amongst the other nations like Australia, UK, US and New Zealand is equivocally supporting the rights of the LGTBQI community and made a public statement  urging Russia to “adhere to its stated commitment to protecting the rights of all citizens, including the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) community.”

They showed their solidarity when the staff of the Canadian diplomatic office to Russia took a photograph with the LGBTI flag in the background and took to the social media to post this widely.

While The U.S. ambassador to Russia also released a video statement on Pride Month, it is only LeClaire’s video that has received severe backlash towards the upcoming constitutional vote in Russia. On one hand, a public poll has shown that the attitude of Russians has been improving when it comes to acknowledging the equal rights of the LGBTQI community but on the other hand, it is becoming more politically driven since Putin came into power since 2012. If he continues to hold office till eternity, there might be no hope left for those who look for freedom to live and choose sexual orientation. As recent as 2017, Canada is known to have accepted many Russian homosexuals that escaped torture in Chechnya and took refugee status in Canada. 

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