‘America Loves India’ says Trump on his first visit to India

‘America Loves India’ says Trump on his first visit to India

On Monday, At the world’s biggest cricket stadium, around 125,000 people accumulated to greet U.S. president on his first visit to India alongside the PM Modi at a rally named “Namaste Trump.”

On Monday evening, The function was arranged at Ahmedabad in Modi’s home state of Gujarat, was the zenith of Trump’s visit to India and a stage for the two leaders to display their friendly relationship. The U.S. president was welcomed at the gigantic new Motera stadium, with Indians who cheered and were wearing cardboard Trump face masks and “Namaste Trump” cap to greet him. While Prime Minister Modi gave his welcome speech, the crowd joined to greet President Trump with chants of ‘Namaste India’ and ‘India-US friendship, long live, long live.

The two leaders were equally enthusiastic in praising each other. “India-US relations are no longer merely another relationship, it’s a far more prominent and closer relationship,” expressed Prime Minister Modi. Trump revealed in his discourse, “America loves India, and respects India,” and “India gives hope to all humanity.” He included promising “an incredible trade accord” at his most significant rally abroad.

While President Trump is facing the U.S. Presidential elections and Prime Minister Modi, who also has been facing a series of protests against the controversial citizenship amendment act (CAA). Trump’s 36-hour visit is exceptionally crucial for both the countries as it will boost their bilateral and trade relations.

Trump declared that a deal had been made for India to buy $3bn of U.S. military helicopters however said in his discourse noted that they were still just in the “beginning stages of the discussion.” It’s a fantastic trade deal; perhaps the greatest ever trade deal” between India and the US, Trump included. Further developments that have come out of the visit are relied upon to be announced in Delhi later today. The grand ceremonial welcome in Delhi was held early morning at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and then, President Trump visited Mahatma Gandhi’s samadhi to pay homage at the Raj Ghat.

Article Credit: The Reuters/The Times Of India

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