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Russian vessel warns the USS John S McCain and claims it violated international marine law

Russian vessel warns the USS John S McCain and claims it violated international marine law

Russian vessel: A Russian maritime vessel warned the warship USS John S McCain navigating through disputed waters within the Sea of Japan.

The Russian vessel, from the Pacific Fleet, had been watching the American warship, which Moscow claimed had breached Russia’s regional waters at 0317 GMT by operating two kilometers beyond the sea of Japan.

Russia has been claiming the disputed territory since the Soviet time. The state claims that it’s power over the territory beyond the 12-mile mark from the Russian coastline that’s ensured by worldwide law, as per CNN.

The navy stated that its ship had been in the water and was following the liberty of navigation laws. The US ship retreated to a neutral sea area, Moscow stated. The US doesn’t perceive Russia’s claims on the territory, as indicated by the source.

Russia and also the US routinely scramble airplanes to capture each other’s bomber planes and surveillance airplanes as they diverge on provocative flight routes near the international borders.

The Russian Defense Ministry (RDF) issued an announcement claiming that the USS John S. McCain entered the Russian water, adding that the U.S. ship was given the warning to retreat from waters by the chief officer of a Russian ship.

After the warning, the RDF stated that the U.S. vessel vacated the waters, a claim that the U.S. rejected.

“The Russian Federation’s statement about this mission is bogus. USS John S. McCain wasn’t ‘ousted’ from any country’s region,” Lt. Joseph Kelley, a representative for the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, stated.

“Russia continues to be proceeding with the U.S.S.R. claim,” the statement said. “By directing this operation, the US revealed that these waters aren’t Russia’s property and the US doesn’t submit in Russia’s claims of breaching any international maritime law.”

The occurrence comes as Russian President Putin has not yet perceived President-elect Joe Biden because of the next President of the US.

As per critics, Russia released a swiping online media campaign before the 2016 US elections, as indicated in an exceedingly report by counsel Robert Mueller. Many digital government authorities have additionally detailed endeavors by Russia to influence Americans, paving the thanks to the 2020 elections.

However, it’s more uncommon for both nations’ ships to challenge or take measures to smash one another. In January, a Russian military vessel came quite near the USS Farragut, a destroyer, within the North sea.

The US destroyer made no further endeavors to enter Russian waters within the wake of leaving the territory, Moscow stated.

COVID-19 and geopolitics over a global superpower

COVID-19 and geopolitics over a global superpower

COVID-19 and geopolitics: Amid the ongoing fight against COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitics over a global superpower is changing 

At a time when countries across the world is struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese economy is growing in a bid to help the country attain the status of a superpower over the United States. While the US and Eurozone economies are projected to face declining growth, China is among those countries projected to grow at 1.9 percent. With US’ influence gradually fading away, China is taking over a strategic superpower after transforming its economy and bolstering its political structure. 

Countries across the world are expressing concerns over China’s increased influence and participation in various regions and sectors such as information and communication. As per a recent survey by Nikkei, China’s cross-border data flow in 2019 outstripped that of 10 countries examined including the United States. As of now, China accounts for 23% of cross-border data flows, while the US ranks at second with 12%.

Over the last six years, China’s Belt and Road Initiative has expanded exponentially. As of April 2020, around 138 countries and 30 international institutions are a part of the initiative. As per the World Bank, China has the world’s largest economy and is the world’s largest exporter. It is one of the biggest infrastructural giants in the world. 

The United States is finding itself in the middle of changing global forces where it sees China as a peer competitor and Russia as its main key adversary. Both China and Russia are in direct contest in the international order to wield greater influence across the world. However, as Beijing’s influence and economic grows, Russia is also grappling with increased competition. Burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic, Russia is likely to remain financially stable due to several reasons including its National Wealth Fund. However, the economic shock is likely to put millions into extreme poverty and hamper Moscow’s plan to improve people’s welfare. At the same time, China is overtaking Russia in terms of development and mobilisation of high technology. 

Taking note of these developments, Efforts are being made to rethink economic interactions with Beijing and reduce Chinese-dominated supply chains. European Union is accelerating efforts to cut Chinese takeovers and technology and pharmaceutical dependence on Beijing. A number of countries including Australia, Japan and India are investing in projects to support local manufacturing and reduce their reliance on global supply chains. 

With the changing equation of global superpower, the COVID-19 pandemic has started a new era of geopolitics.

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