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US-Canada initiate work towards policy alignment as Biden takes over US Presidency

US-Canada initiate work towards policy alignment as Biden takes over US Presidency

US-Canada initiate work: One of the closest allies in the American history, have initiated policy alignment discussions to prepare groundwork for the new presidential era. Joe Biden would be officially succeeding Donald Trump as the US next president on January 20. Interestingly, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was among the first few leaders who acknowledged Biden’s election win and congratulated him for the same. 

“It’s very much a tradition that the Canadian prime minister and the U.S. president meet very quickly to be able to talk about all the tremendous things that we can do together,” Trudeau said in an interview to Reuters on Thursday

The Canadian leader has been looking forward to the beginning of new era in the US political history with the end of Trump’s reign, who following his Canada visit in 2018 called Trudeau as “very dishonest and weak”. 

On the contrary, the Liberal Canadian Premier shared close ties with former Democratic President Barack Obama. In December 2016, after Trump’s election win, Biden, Obama’s vice-president, passed the progressive torch to Trudeau on a visit to Ottawa.

“The world’s going to spend a lot of time looking to you, Mr. Prime Minister, as we see more and more challenges to the liberal international order than any time since the end of World War Two,” Biden said.

It would be a golden period for US-Canada ties as Biden and Trudeau share common vision on various issues. Though the biggest hurdle between the two would be around Biden’s economic policy which is focused around “buy America” policy.

“I do think that he’s been pretty clear around some of the aspects of his economic policy that are a little more protectionist than we would want to see,” Ambassador Kirsten Hillman told Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

During his campaign, Biden committed to launch a $400 billion investment to promote US-made goods and said “when we spend taxpayer money, we should buy American products”.

Biden’s economic policy could be a bone of contention with one of the US largest trading partner, as Canadian economy is highly dependent on Washington, which imports about 75% of all Canadian goods exports.

“We are both focusing on, first and foremost, combating COVID, ensuring the safety and health of our citizens, respecting science…There’s a lot of alignment on climate policy…So, I mean, the list is long of policy coordination,” Hillman said.

Hillman added that both the leaders, share great camaraderie and common understanding over various issues. “So that is definitely going to be an asset”.

United States continues talks to resolve Huawei CFO’s release from Canada
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United States continues talks to resolve Huawei CFO’s release from Canada

Huawei CFO’s release: The U.S. administration is continuing talks with Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, about finding a way to resolve her release if she agrees to the criminal fraud in the case against her, the Wall Street Journal detailed.

However, Trudeau told journalists that his main concern was the release of the two Canadian residents being detained in China. The two were arrested soon following the arrest of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou in December 2018. 

Meng is fighting for extradition to the US over allegations of fraud and that Huawei breached US sanctions on Iran, in a case that has bittered the Canada-China relations.

 Under a suspended prosecution agreement with the US Department of Justice, Meng would need to consent to some of the fraud charges against her, the Journal stated on Thursday. 

The two nations are planning to find a way for release before President Trump’s administration ends, although Meng is hesitant to concede to any agreement that would see her admit to her allegations, the Journal stated, referring to sources.

Following Meng’s arrest, China stopped imports of canola seed from Canada and also arrested two Canadian citizens on charges of spying. 

The move has pushed Canada into the center of a U.S.- China trade war, and Trudeau’s inability to get the release of Kovrig and Spavor has uncovered his minority government to rise pressure from opposition political parties who require Trudeau to take a harder stance on China. 

While Trudeau stated that “We will keep working hard for the return of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.”Two years is an extremely prolonged time to be in jail in China, or anyplace,” Trudeau stated at a press conference.” We will keep trying hard to get them back home.

However, Beijing has asserted that Meng’s arrest is a part of an attempt by Washington to sabotage Chinese tech giant Huawei, and has also urged Canada to release Huawei CFO Meng, who denies all allegations placed on her.

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