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Macron’s geopolitical moves- The World Reviews

Macron’s geopolitical moves- The World Reviews

Macron’s geopolitical moves: France has a long military and imperial tradition, and it knows how to move in the geopolitical scenario. Paris has ambitions and knows how to act in international relations. In 1966, she left NATO with De Gaulle. He went back with Sarkozy, but Macron, a pro-European like Valéry Giscard Estaing, has understood that the time is ripe for declaring NATO brain dead. France had an academic murdered ruthlessly in Cairo prisons but continued to support and finance Al Sisi. The DGSE, like MI6 or the CIA, certainly does not declare the losses.

The Legion d’honneur is a French award granted to French and foreign politicians, academics, writers, journalists, actors, footballers, designers, etc., considered excellent in their professions. The Legion d’honneur is not conferred for particular human rights commitments indeed it is a doctrine often criticized because it is used instrumentally by the United States to overthrow regimes in South America and the Middle East.

It is unknown what the Biden administration or Obama 3.0 will do in the Middle East. But Biden will need time with a divided country, where he is considered illegitimate president by almost half of the citizens. Now, France has friction with Turkey, Erdogan and Macron threaten each other in words, but Turkey is a historical ally of Germany who has an integrated Turkish-German community. Germany sells arms to Turkey, like France to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

The Franco-German axis is strong because both Merkel and Macron have an interest in Russia, and Moscow and Ankara are forced to find agreements, like the Tsarist and Ottoman empires. On the one hand, Germany has an economic partnership with Russia, and it defends the NS2, opposed by the United States with very harsh sanctions. On the other, Macron thinks of Russia as a partner in European defense. Even if Turkey, sanctioned by the US for having bought the Russian defense system, decides to leave NATO, it would make France and Germany happy.

Although German defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had a dispute with Macron about NATO, Wolfgang Münchau, before November 3, wrote that Trump’s victory would have been preferable for European defense, because he would have immediately withdrawn NATO from Europe. Macron is similar to Valery Giscard d’Estaing, a staunch Europeanist, author of Article 50 that allowed Brexit, and opposed a federalist Europe. VGE understood that the UK was not really in Europe. A political-military partnership between the UK and the EU would be better, that is ultimately the result of Brexit.

France also has ambitions in the Middle East and Africa and carries them forward with appropriate alliances under the banner of Realpolitik. After the blast in Bayreuth’s port, Macron has flight to Lebanon to re-affirm the Paris hegemony in its former colony. France has an empire in Africa and fights in Mali with Germans, English, and Italians to defend it. France knows how to do politics: it needs Egypt, a state with 100 million inhabitants and an important army, and Saudi Arabia, which financed Al Sisi’s coup against the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Having a vision of its role in the world, it knows that after the Anglo-American withdrawal from the Middle East, Europe may have little chance, as Gideon Rachman wrote in “The Financial Time.” France does not want to be excluded from the Middle East and North Africa. And even Germany, which opened the door to Syrian refugees, while everyone called Merkel an idealist, has a few cards to play.

Covid-19 vaccine, between geopolitics and science

Covid-19 vaccine, between geopolitics and science

Geopolitics and Science: The disastrous 2020 is about to end. Among the wishes for the new year, also the anticipation for the vaccine to be received for all. December 8, 2020, will be remembered as the day 90-year-old Margaret Keenan was the first person in England to receive an mRNA vaccine outside of a clinical trial. But the historical moment we are about to live in is full of dark questions that have little to do with science. So, what story should we prepare to tell the new-born from next year? The story of the Covid-19 pandemic has unveiled issues never dormant in human history.

While the now ex-US President Donald Trump was trying to grab European companies at the forefront in the field of vaccines, other nations proceeded to vaccinate essential people in this war on the virus, like hospital staff, police, public transport drivers at home. We remember that Europe has always been and still is at the forefront in this sector worldwide. According to several reports, China had already started in spring 2019 with its self-sufficient vaccines. Also, Russia has already begun using its Sputnik V for some time and is now proceeding with mass vaccination. In the West, things follow different paths. There are precise rules agreed internationally in Europe and the USA that observe this way.

The European Commission still underlines that vaccines are the best opportunity we have to end the Covid-19 pandemic and officially proclaims that it is working to ensure that vaccines are safe, effective, and available for all following a rigorous procedure that includes: validation tests in the laboratory, studies in large clinical trials, evaluation by the European Medicines Agency, and authorization by the European Commission for the whole of Europe after consultation with all member countries. But even in democratic Europe, nationalism influences voters. So, Boris Johnson asked the British regulatory authorities to approve the Pfizer & BioNtech vaccine. Mass vaccination started from the first in the Western world. We read that Boris’s political situation a few days after Brexit is not the best. Therefore, one can imagine why he did it, as well as perhaps the risk of having to pay duties if everything had happened after the breakup.

Phase 3 studies must take place where the infection affects many people. For example, in China, the cases are practically eliminated except in people who come from other countries, so a study that follows the rules of a correct clinical trial it is not technically possible. Consequently, the vaccines are going tested in other nations where the virus is doing more victims like Brazil. In the United States, which has the largest number of cases in the world, Chinese vaccines are not tested, of course. But China, in its great power, has started collaborations with many other countries, poor and rich, like the United Arab Emirates to penetrate those markets, using the vaccine as a Trojan horse. The same for Russia with Turkey and perhaps in the future also with Hungary, feeling part of the European Union and a little not.

It is important to note that the largest vaccine experiment in history is starting. Thanks to modern technologies, it will be possible to evaluate and ascertain the safety of vaccines in an extremely superior way compared to when the two vaccines for polio were introduced in the 1950s. A few weeks ago, the World Health Organization declared Africa polio-free. This infection could be declared eradicated if pockets do not persist where there is fighting, where there are religious exploitation and where those who go to vaccinate children risk their lives. The combination of interests to keep the arms market profitable and religious fanaticism play on the ignorance of poor people and leave us insecure that we are not all defended. Then the bill is paid by the most vulnerable patients or the immunosuppressed.

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