How Democrats and Republicans Have Used Impeachment Outcome

How Democrats and Republicans Have Used Impeachment Outcome

The battle for control continues in the Senate and the outcome of the impeachment trial showed at that moment who was the winner. It seems that both sides were more bothered about energizing their sides and more activity in fundraising. They didn’t seem to have the future of the country on their mind.

The recent polls have shown that people are desperately looking for a leader who can keep the sanctity of the Constitution in mind and work ahead. The words of the Senate’s Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said it that the impeachment trial had indeed been a positive force for the Democrats. He went onto share with the media that “contrary to what Leader McConnell had said in the past, our data shows every one of the Republicans in difficult races is hurting because of it.”

Trump received a 49percent thumbs up for holding his seat and not being removed in the impeachment saga. No wonder, that the Republicans were trusting in the president’s post-impeachment popularity bump to supercharge enthusiasm for Republicans down-ballot.

For Democrats, the strategy is the smaller things which worry the voter. They are again not worried about the justness of who holds the office. On agenda are things like prescription drug costs and health care. Democrats have said they intent to focus their 2020 messaging right there. They are hopeful that independent and moderate voters will see that justice had not been meted by the Republicans. Democrats are banking on all the swing states that could be holding a point of view that the impeachment acquittal of Mr. Trump is truly a sign that Republican senators won’t stand up to the White House and hold Mr. Trump accountable when necessary.

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What Does The American Voter Really Want?

What Does The American Voter Really Want?

Two prominent contenders for the presidential elections representing the Democratic party are said to be having contradictory points of view when it comes to what the voters really want. While Sanders is talking about uniting the country and project a change in system based on the sensibilities of the voters, Bloomberg is projecting as if overthrowing President Trump is more important.

It is coming through very clearly, that the voters are looking for something completely different- a revolution and change in leadership to save a sinking economy and nation. If one was to look at as to why certain leaders won the battles for presidency, it is not because they were good at what they were going to do. It is more because the ones that won could sense the pulse of the people and gave them what they were looking for.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan won the election. Voters were willing to move towards a conservative direction. They were tired of an ineffective Democratic presidency. In 2008, voters were seeking for peace and hope in the midst of a deep financial slide and a depressing war in Iraq. The impressive African American president came along in the form of Barack Obama. He continued to represent for two successive terms as someone who could stand for hope and change. Donald Trump won in 2016 because voters wanted somebody who would defy the establishment of both parties. But now, there is need of someone to unify the nation, to be a cementing force. It is much more than just ousting Trump.

The one thing that Bloomberg has been correct about is that Trump has disappointed the working class. They were the ones that pushed him to the finish line. He has let them down miserably. Sanders is right is thinking that it is high time that the influence of the millionaires and billionaires was curbed, something Trump has used to his advantage all his term. They should also be taxed through a higher bracket. The money derived should be channeled into wholesale reordering of the social compact. Health care should be free, college education should be free, student debt should disappear and thus the minimum wage will rise.

Many voters are probably not saying it but they are not happy with the way power has been misused. The one reason the voters have kept mum is because their minds are diverted to sugar coated pills that Trump continues to offer.

According to a recent survey of 738 registered voters conducted for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a majority of the US voters are wishing for a future leadership that can protect civil liberties and the Constitution. The poll has also found that almost 49 percent are disappointed with the way the Congress handled the presidential abuses of power than those (25 percent) who think Congress has interfered too much.

A clear majority of Americans favor each of five civil liberty priorities identified in the survey, with majorities of both Democrats and Independents supporting all five initiatives and Republicans supporting four of the five.

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Bolton criticized Trump’s policies

Bolton criticized Trump’s policies

Story Former Assistant of the President of the United States on National Security John Bolton criticized the Donald Trump administration foreign policy towards a number of countries, while expressing the hope that the White House will ultimately withdraw objections to the publication of his book, including the conversation between the American leader and the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. This Bolton said on Monday, speaking at Duke University (North Carolina).

It is noted that video and audio during the speech of ex-assistant Trump were limited, journalists had to record key points on paper. So, according to Bolton, “it was clear that Trump’s course towards North Korea would fail.” “There is no evidence that the North Korean authorities made a strategic decision to abandon the desire to possess nuclear weapons,” the television station quoted Bolton as saying.
He also made it clear that as an assistant to the president of the United States on national security, he advocated an even greater tightening of the course towards Iran until the change of leadership of this country. “I don’t think that we, USA are exerting on Tehran the maximum pressure,” Bolton said.

Bolton also expressed his opinion about Trump’s “not tight enough” policy towards Russia.
Former Trump’s assistant disappointed reporters and the public, expecting from him the revelations set forth in his book. “I hope they don’t ban it,” Bolton said. He refused to disclose the contents of a series of confidential conversations with the US president, expressing the hope that “someday they will become public.” When asked to clarify his position regarding military assistance to Ukraine and Trump’s conversation with Zelensky, Bolton recommended reading a specific chapter of the book when it sees the light of day.

“I tried to write a story. I did everything in my power. Let’s see what happens with censorship,” the ex-assistant to the head of state added.

On January 23, the National Security Council (NSC) sent Bolton’s lawyer Charles Cooper of Cooper and Kirk, a Washington law firm, a notice that the new book by the former US Assistant to the President for National Security contains information that is a state secret and therefore cannot be published in it current form.

US President Donald Trump dismissed Bolton in September last year. The American leader explained this decision by saying that he made serious mistakes. In November last year, the Associated Press reported on the plans of the ex-adviser to the head of the American administration to write a book and publish it on the basis of an agreement with Simon & Schuster. According to AP, Bolton’s fee will be $ 2 million.

Meanwhile, was reported that the text claims that Trump told Bolton last August that he wants to continue to block military assistance to Ukraine until Kiev begins an investigation into the case of former US Vice President Joseph Biden and his son.

Trump, representing the Republican Party, allegedly sought to link military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of about $ 400 million with his request to start a trial regarding the work of Hunter Biden in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The son of a former US vice president, a Democrat, was part of its leadership. In addition, the American leader requested that the activities of the National Committee of the Democratic Party be included in the investigation.

Joseph Biden is one of Trump’s main rivals in the upcoming US presidential election in November.

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White House: Quit backing Assad ‘wrongdoings’, Trump presses Russia

White House: Quit backing Assad ‘wrongdoings’, Trump presses Russia

The White House on Sunday announced that President Donald Trump had asked Russia to end its backing for the Syrian regime’s “offenses” as he communicated the US worry over brutality in the Idlib area. 

Turkey’s foreign minister likewise urged his Russian partner over the assaults by Damascus on the last rebel-held bastion in the nation. 

On Sunday, supported by Russian airpower, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad made recent gains as he increased his attack on the holdout northwestern area of Idlib. 

In a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump “stated worry over the brutality in Idlib, Syria and … communicated the United States’ longing to see a conclusion to Russia’s aid for the Assad regime’s monstrosities.” 

As per the National, Four of the Turkish posts are believed to be encircled by Syrian forces, and Ankara has taken steps to assault Damascus if they don’t withdraw before the finish of February. 

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters at the Munich Security Conference after he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that “I stressed that the assaults in Idlib must end, and it was essential to build up an enduring truce that would not be breached. 

Radical supporter Turkey and Damascus partner of Russia have worked intently on Syria lately regardless of being on rival sides of the nine-year battle. 

On Monday, A Turkish delegation will visit Moscow following Russian authorities visit Ankara last weekend however failed to arrive at a solid deal. 

On Sunday, War monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights expressed that government forces “were in charge of all the small towns and villages around Aleppo for the first occasion since 2012.” 

Regime forces have, for quite a long time, been making gains in northwestern Syria and working on an area held by jihadists and allied rebels, concentrating their most recent plan on the West of Aleppo territory. 

The UN expressed that the Russian-led offensive has set off the most significant influx of relocation in Syria’s civil war, with 800,000 individuals escaping since it started in December.

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Trump threatens to stop intelligence cooperation with countries dealing with Huawei

Trump threatens to stop intelligence cooperation with countries dealing with Huawei

American ambassador to Germany, Richard Grinnell, revealed that USpresident Donald Trump has threatened to stop the exchange of intelligence information with allied countries that deal with the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei.

“President Trump has instructed me to clarify that any country that chooses an unreliable 5G network provider will risk endangering our ability to share information with it, as well as top-level information,” said Grinnell on Sunday, stressing that president Trumpcalled him from the presidential plane asking him to deliver this message.

Washington is pressing its allies to stop cooperating with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei installing high-speed 5G communication networks. The main U.S. allies in Europe, especially Britain and France, have announced that they will not stop cooperating with Huawei to build 5G networks, but will impose restrictions.

According to AFP, although the U.S. public response has been conservative the media has reported that Trump is very angry with London. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said in a security conference in Monaco on Saturday that Huawei is “a Trojan horse for Chinese intelligence”.

The Chinese telecommunications company strongly denies the United States’ allegations regarding its relations with the Chinese government and regards these relations with Washington as economic bullying. On Friday, an American court accused Huawei of further criminal charges related to intellectual property theft, adding to previous allegations that the company had stolen trade secrets from the American company “T­Mobile”.

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Canada Government Will Talk Instead Of Use Hard Hand On Protestors

Canada Government Will Talk Instead Of Use Hard Hand On Protestors

The Canadian government has been left with no other option but to talk things out as the country’s biggest railroad company demanded that the protestors be removed from various routes, and be prevented from obstructing movement.

Protestors across the provinces have chocker blocked rail networks making it difficult for regular life to function. Protesting and supporting local leaders, it started from the west coast to oppose the construction of a natural-gas pipeline in northern British Columbia.
The protest over the weeks has gradually spread to Ontario and Quebec, the country’s two biggest provinces. The protests are said to be affecting business, commuters and travelers, and the country’s biggest business groups say they are putting a chokehold on economic activity.

Recently, the Montreal based Canadian National Network closed its eastern Canadian network, in the wake of enforcement officials failing to use court order as force enough to get protestors off tracks.

The Canadian government is refraining from using any harsh hand on civilians, while it is admitted that protestors are breaking rules by obstructing movement of regular transport routes. But the representative of the Ontario Provincial Police said officers will exercise discretion, and that “is a valid, appropriate approach to de-escalating situations such as this. The proper exercise of police discretion should not be confused with a lack of enforcement.”

The protestors were initially trying to stop construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline, based in British Columbia. But when enforcement officials were asked to move them post a court order, the groups moved towards major railroad routes, obstructing movement of goods and services. The pipeline, owned by TC Energy Corp., is intended to carry gas to the west coast for shipment to markets in Asia.
Continuous blockade has affected overall business. Many containers are not docking in Canada and moving towards US for offloading.

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Trump Increases Sanctions EU Over Airbus
Americas, Geopolitics

Trump Increases Sanctions EU Over Airbus

The United States is now targeting the European Union over raise of tariff as European Union’s dispute over subsidies remains unresolved within the bloc. It is confirmed that the tariff would be raised by 15 percent.

From a 10 percent tariff imposed in October 2019, beginning March 18, the raise will apply to airplanes from France, Germany, Spain and the U.K.

Under a World Trade Organisation ruling, the US has won the rights to impose tariffs to the tune of 100 percent, if need be. After a 15 year battle, the WTO ruled in favour of America, when the dispute over EU awarding more than required subsidy to Airbus aircrafts.
The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative had then confirmed that they would impose the tariffs starting October 18, with 10% levies on jetliners and 25% duties on other products including Irish and Scotch whiskies, cheeses and hand tools.
With its current imposition of 15 percent, it has not decided to alter the current list, though trade analysts are hoping the US would loosen its tight noose on EU for a bit, owing to the fact that EU is also going through a tough restructuring phase with Britain exiting the bloc.

This is being seen as a pressure tactic yet again, where the USTR has made a formal statement and said that “The United States remains open to a negotiated settlement that addresses current and future subsidies to Airbus provided by the EU and certain current and former member States.” If you want more Geopolitics News and Updates follow us.

President Trump says he has the ‘legal right’ to intercede in criminal cases

President Trump says he has the ‘legal right’ to intercede in criminal cases

Barr delivered a surprising public objection to President Trump’s Tweets, saying that his tweets “make it difficult for me to carry out my responsibility” and that he would not be “bullied or affected” over justice departments’ judgments.

Donald Trump has overlooked a request from his attorney general, William Barr, to not tweet on ongoing criminal cases.

Barr’s remarks came as he confronted hard criticism from Democrats over his mediation on the trial of Roger Stone. This week, Barr overruled prosecutors who had advised that Stone be punished for seven to nine years in jail. The four prosecutors working on this case quit in the row after Barr’s mediation.

The move provoked an emergency of credibility on the criminal justice system. Top attorneys cautioned it could undermine the respectability of government prosecutors.

However, on Friday, Trump very quickly demonstrated Barr’s endeavor to quiet the president’s tweets had failed to attract anyone’s attention.

In an early morning Tweet, Trump alluded to Barr’s declaration that Trump had never requested that he had anything to do with a criminal case, including Stone’s. “This doesn’t imply that I don’t have, as president, the legitimate right to do as such, I do, yet I have so far decided not to!” Trump stated in the post, The Guardian published.

In November, Stone was indicted for tampering with a witness and blocking the congressional inquiry concerning whether the Trump campaign facilitated with Russia during the 2016 general elections. His sentence is due to be announced next week.

The Department of Justice has demanded the decision to change the sentencing recommendation for Stone, which was done on Monday night, before Trump’s tweet calling the prescribed sentence “very terrible and uncalled for.”

In a meeting with ABC News on Thursday, Barr stated he needed to lead the justice division without being impacted by outside powers, including the president. He additionally included that social media interventions of the President “make it difficult for me to carry out my responsibility.”

Stephanie Grisham, The White House press secretary, reacted by stating President Trump utilizes social media adequately to fight for the American citizens against injustices in our nation.” See more articles and News of America Today .

Article Credit:- The Guardian

House In Favour  Of Bill To Protect Worker Rights

House In Favour Of Bill To Protect Worker Rights

Some called it the best and the “most ambitious pro-labor legislation” in decades, while some are calling it the worst mistake, as Trump administration rolls out a bill to protect US workers’ right to form and join union.

This is one move which will win brownie points for Trump who does not seem to have any credibility in the eyes of the Democrats. Known as the Protecting the Right to Organize (Pro) Act, this act already has strong support from congressional Democrats and labor leaders.

Currently some 215 Democrats and merely three Republicans are co-sponsoring the act. The Pro Act amends the National Labor Relations Act and the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act by allowing the NLRB to assess monetary penalties against corporations for labor law violations and impose liability against corporate executives. It also grants the board the right to reinstate workers fired for retaliation while their case is pending review.

Workers will definitely have more rights under the new proposed bill to be made a law. According to details shared with the media, the bill will also make it illegal for corporations to force workers to attend captive audience meetings to persuade them against forming a union, forces corporations to disclose contracts with union-avoidance consultants, and requires mediation and arbitration between newly formed unions and corporations to settle disputes over first contract negotiations.

Many believe that this move will help remove any kind of income disparity amongst workers, a challenge that has been crippling their likes. Union membership in the US hit a record low in 2018, with only 10.5% of American workers belonging to a labor union. Rising income inequality has been tied to a significant decline in US union membership over the past few decades. Advocates of the Pro Act are hopeful the legislation is a step forward in working to address the problems facing American workers.See more News of America Today .

Trump Control Comes Through Congressional Vote On Iran
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Trump Control Comes Through Congressional Vote On Iran

A Republican controlled senate has finally passed a resolution to control President Donald Trump’s military moves against Iran. Now, Trump cannot make a move towards Iran with a congressional authorization.

This development has come through after a vote fell short of the two-thirds majority necessary to overcome a promised veto by the White House.

This reiterates that there is lack of faith in Trump’s administration that does not speak for the betterment of the United States as a whole. The vote shows that some Republicans have no qualms about break away from Trump on foreign policy, even if they largely remained aligned with the administration on most other issues.

While being a Republican leader, he has not received thumps up for his obtuse point of view when it comes to trade and foreign policy. His various decisions in Syria, China and Iran, have done nothing but created sense of unrest and disturbed inter-government dynamics.
In 2019, Republicans had joined Democrats to challenge the Trump administration on several foreign-policy measures. Nearly 130 House Republicans voted to oppose Mr. Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria last year.

Bipartisan majorities in the House and Senate also have approved resolutions that aimed to withdraw U.S. support for a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen and block arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Mr. Trump vetoed both of them.
Sen. Tim Kaine is a democrat from Vermouth and the author of the resolution. According to Kaine, “While the President does and must always have the ability to defend the United States from imminent attack, the executive power to initiate war stops there,” Mr. Kaine said. “An offensive war requires a congressional debate and vote. This should not be a controversial proposition.”

In America, most such strategic decisions that can affect the national security of the country cannot be taken by the President without running it through the congressional approval. This is done merely to ensure the onus of a major decision does not lie with one person only. Read more Latest news on africa .

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