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Trump concedes poll defeat, vows orderly transition to Biden

Trump concedes poll defeat, vows orderly transition to Biden

Trump concedes poll defeat: A day after Capitol violence, Trump accepted defeat, pledged smooth transition of power to Biden

In a massive development, US President Donald Trump finally conceded defeat in the November 3 elections. On Thursday, a video statement with Trump’s remarks was released his Twitter account in which he acknowledged that he will not serve a second term. Trump also noted that there will be an orderly transition for the new administration under President-elect Joe Biden, with just 12 days left for his inauguration.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th,” Trump said in the statement.

In the video, he also condemned the violence caused by his supporters at the US Capitol a day earlier. This development came moments after the US Congress officially certified President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the election. Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections’ results were in vain after the US Congress confirmed Biden’s 306-232 victory.

In the wake of chaos and destruction caused by Trump supporters on the Capitol Hill, his social media accounts were blocked by Mark Zuckerberg-led tech giant over concerns that his messages might escalate the violence. While Trump returned to Twitter with the video statement on Thursday, his Facebook and Instagram still remains blocked.

Trump’s acknowledgment of his loss has come amid increased calls for his removal from office. There were also demands for a new impeachment inquiry, calls for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke Constitution’s 25th Amendment to oust the President.

His video was followed by a series of resignations from his cabinet. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos were among the first to submit their resignation over the riot caused by pro-Trump supporters in the US Capitol. As per reports, a number of other Trump administration aides are looking at a potential mass resignation as a sign of protest against Trump’s stance regarding the Capitol Hill violence. 

Meanwhile, in the video, Trump has hinted at continuing his political life to “make America great”, even as his supporters assaulted the seat of the country’s democracy. There are speculations that he may run for the President’s seat again in 2024.

“While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!” Trump said in the video.

According to Washington DC Police, at least four people died during the violence caused by the mob at the Capitol. Security forces were forced to fire tear gas and extensive control measures during the four-hour operation to clear the agitated mob at the Capitol. According to historians, this was the first time since 1814 that the Capitol was taken over by protesters. 

Washington denounces China’s new law and the expelling of opposition lawmakers
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Washington denounces China’s new law and the expelling of opposition lawmakers

Washington denounces China’s new law: Hong Kong has dived further into tensions after a new law was passed by Beijing under which they had disqualified few opposition members by calling them unpatriotic and claimed that they incited the whole pro-democracy protest.

Robert O’Brien, the US national security advisor, blamed China for having “outrageously abused” its global commitments and warned to impose further fresh sanctions on those answerable for quenching Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy. 

Chinese and Hong Kong authorities could confront new sanctions from the United States over their imposing of the new law that disbarred four pro-democracy lawmakers and provoked a statement of a mass resignation by the supportive of the pro-democracy council. 

Within minutes after the disqualifying legislation was declared by Chinese state media, the Hong Kong government delivered an official statement in which they prohibited four lawmakers.

The mass resignation would likewise leave Hong Kong’s governing body with just pro-Beijing legislators, who as of now make a majority, however, would have the option to pass bills in parliament supported by Beijing with the absence of much opposition.

On Wednesday, China’s highest administrative body passed a measure to banish anybody from Hong Kong’s legislative council who wish to supports autonomy, and reject to recognize Beijing’s government over Hong Kong. However, seeking help from foreign nations or forces to meddle in the internal issues of the region or to employ different acts that jeopardize country’s national security, they could face similar consequences. 

Under the new law, the legislators who are deemed to advance or support Hong Kong’s autonomy, or who won’t recognize Beijing’s government, will “quickly lose their qualification,” the new law stated. 

On Monday, the city’s 15 pro-democracy legislators declared that they would also resign stating that the “One Country Two Systems” structure that had intended to provide Hong Kong with more prominent self-rule from the region has ended. 

The administration clampdown comes after the months-long pro-democracy protest, While some Hong Kong activists including former legislators and dissent pioneers have looked for political refuge in different nations, dreading their security under the new bill. 

However, in June, Beijing had announced a new national security law that some have called draconian after the anti-legislature protests shook the city for quite a long time, and it has utilized it to take action against opposition cries. 

Accordingly, the U.S. imposed sanctions on a few authorities, including Lam. A few Western nations have halted their extradition treaty with the region, and Australia and Britain have offered Hong Kongers simpler ways to settle in those nations. 

Beijing has lashed out at these offers and called it gross foreign interference in the Chinese government. Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Wang Wenbin stated on Wednesday that disqualifications were important to keep up rule of law and the constitution in Hong Kong. 

Beijing’s most recent crackdown in Hong Kong has become a source of stress on both sides. Under US President Trump, Washington had revoked the special relationship with Hong Kong, pronouncing it would be dealt with similar to China. The US is thinking of imposing more sanctions on Chinese officials for passing an unjust law and also following the resignation of opposition legislators.

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