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AG Barr has considered resigning over Trump’s continuous tweets on the Justice Department

AG Barr has considered resigning over Trump’s continuous tweets on the Justice Department

President Trump’s continued tweets concerning Justice Department investigations have compelled Attorney General William Barr to consider leaving office, as indicated by numerous reports Tuesday night.

According to The Washington Post, three administrative authorities, who stated that Barr told people close to the President that he was thinking about quitting over Trump’s tweets.

The Justice Department representative Kerri Kupec denied any ideas to leave on Twitter, stating, “Addressing Beltway gossip: The Attorney General has no intentions to leave.” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham rehashed Kupec’s tweet.

A week ago, Barr expressed in an interview with ABC News, that “the President’s tweets make it “difficult” for him to carry out his responsibility “I believe it’s time to stop the tweeting on the Department of Justice criminal cases.”

Barr remarked after the Justice Department repealed a proposal that GOP political operative and longtime Trump counsel Roger Stone be convicted to seven to nine years in jail for misleading investigators and tampering witnesses.

The office has denied that Trump’s tweets censuring the first sentence recommendation had any impact on the verdict.

The President has utilized Twitter to proclaim the initial verdict recommendation for Stone a “miscarriage of justice,” and expressed his opinion on various sensitive Justice Department matters before.

Barr has since long been criticized for his recognized defense of the President, since the time he described then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s report without giving a full picture of Mueller’s findings. Barr’s critics have suggested he still intends to defend the President.

As a result of the continuous tweets by President Trump, Four federal prosecutors managing the Stone case, which stems from the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference, resigned in protest of the Justice Department’s actions.

Whereas, Trump publically backed Barr ere Tuesday, telling correspondents: “I have absolute confidence in my attorney general. I believe he’s working admirably. He’s a strong person.”

He agreed by saying, “I do make his task harder,” Trump included. “I do concur with that. I feel that is valid.”

Republican leaders also openly expressed support for the attorney general on Tuesday, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), and regarding him a “man of the most noble character and perfect integrity” in a joint statement.

Article Credit: The Hill/ CBS News

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President Trump says he has the ‘legal right’ to intercede in criminal cases

President Trump says he has the ‘legal right’ to intercede in criminal cases

Barr delivered a surprising public objection to President Trump’s Tweets, saying that his tweets “make it difficult for me to carry out my responsibility” and that he would not be “bullied or affected” over justice departments’ judgments.

Donald Trump has overlooked a request from his attorney general, William Barr, to not tweet on ongoing criminal cases.

Barr’s remarks came as he confronted hard criticism from Democrats over his mediation on the trial of Roger Stone. This week, Barr overruled prosecutors who had advised that Stone be punished for seven to nine years in jail. The four prosecutors working on this case quit in the row after Barr’s mediation.

The move provoked an emergency of credibility on the criminal justice system. Top attorneys cautioned it could undermine the respectability of government prosecutors.

However, on Friday, Trump very quickly demonstrated Barr’s endeavor to quiet the president’s tweets had failed to attract anyone’s attention.

In an early morning Tweet, Trump alluded to Barr’s declaration that Trump had never requested that he had anything to do with a criminal case, including Stone’s. “This doesn’t imply that I don’t have, as president, the legitimate right to do as such, I do, yet I have so far decided not to!” Trump stated in the post, The Guardian published.

In November, Stone was indicted for tampering with a witness and blocking the congressional inquiry concerning whether the Trump campaign facilitated with Russia during the 2016 general elections. His sentence is due to be announced next week.

The Department of Justice has demanded the decision to change the sentencing recommendation for Stone, which was done on Monday night, before Trump’s tweet calling the prescribed sentence “very terrible and uncalled for.”

In a meeting with ABC News on Thursday, Barr stated he needed to lead the justice division without being impacted by outside powers, including the president. He additionally included that social media interventions of the President “make it difficult for me to carry out my responsibility.”

Stephanie Grisham, The White House press secretary, reacted by stating President Trump utilizes social media adequately to fight for the American citizens against injustices in our nation.” See more articles and News of America Today .

Article Credit:- The Guardian

Nadler says, Barr agrees to testify in front of House Judiciary Committee on 31 March, over Roger Stone case

Nadler says, Barr agrees to testify in front of House Judiciary Committee on 31 March, over Roger Stone case

The U.S. Attorney General William Barr has consented to testify before the House Judiciary Committee in March as Democrats express many concerns regarding his Department of Justice tenure, the advisory group stated on Wednesday.

Washington is staggering from the aftermath of the office’s bizarre decision to overrule career prosecutors. They wish to look for a lighter jail sentence for the political operative Roger Stone due to which the whole prosecution team resigned in objection.

Democrats on the House legal executive advisory committee wrote to Barr, On Wednesday, affirming that he had consented to testify at a hearing on 31 March. Executive Jerry Nadler wrote in the letter that Barr should expect to be questioned about recent steps about his administration of the justice department.

These incorporate, Nadler stated, “the choice to overrule your career prosecutors and essentially decrease the ordered sentence for Trump’s confidant Roger Stone, who has been indicted for lying under oath.” This later led to all four of the prosecutors withdrawing from the criminal lawsuit.

They additionally composed that they intend to question the Justice Department’s dealings with Trump legal advisor Rudy Giuliani, Rick Gates, Trump’s deputy campaign chairman, Trump’s former national security counsel Michael Flynn, as well as the expulsion of U.S. Lawyer Jessie Liu who supervised the indictments of Stone.

They recommended they intend to press Barr about different issues too; however, they stated that these three issues “are sufficient for our immediate attention.”

The Democrats wrote, “From the time President Trump took office, we have over and over cautioned you and your predecessors that the violation of our criminal justice system for political reasons is both dangerous for unsuitable to the House Judiciary Committee and our government.”

They also added, regarding concerns over Attorney General Barr, that in his tenure as the Attorney General, he engaged in a model of conduct in legal affairs relating to President Trump that raises questions for this Committee,” The Guardian reported.

However, On 20 February, the U.S. district judge Amy Berman Jackson convicted Stone, and she also declined to grant Stone’s solicitation for a new trial on Wednesday. See more news News of America Today .

Article Credit: The Guardian/NBC News

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