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To fight the COVID-19 outbreak, lockdowns and visa restrictions are imposed worldwide
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To fight the COVID-19 outbreak, lockdowns and visa restrictions are imposed worldwide

Spain and France also join Italy in imposing lockdowns on millions of people, Australia asked self-quarantine to foreigners who arrived, and many nations extended visa bans as the world battles Covid-19 pandemic.

Britain, the United States, and Australia leaders urged to maintain calm as frenzy purchasing over the virus pandemic expanded as the lockdown was imposed. More than 156,000 people have been infected worldwide, and 5,800 died lately.

Several nations urged to avoid large social gatherings, postponing sports, religious, and cultural events, while medical practitioners suggested people to practice “social distance” to minimize the spread.

In Rome, Pope Francis’ Easter service one month from now will be held without the attendees, the Vatican stated on Sunday. The religious services include four days of main events from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. Ordinarily, it draws a considerable number of people to visit Rome and the Vatican.

Austria’s chancellor asked people to self-quarantine and announced not more than five people to gather and further limited visas.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that from Sunday, international travelers in the nation would need to isolate themselves for 14 days, and cruise ships would be restricted for 30 days, given an increase in imported cases.

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency lately and stretched out his nation’s movement boycott to Britain and Ireland.

Worldwide travel bans, border checks, shutting down of eateries, cinema halls, sporting events, shopping malls, closing of schools, and universities have been imposed. Especially travel industry and the global market have been impacted immensely. Many people are experiencing panic, anxiety, distress, and loneliness due to self-quarantine.

Article Credit: The Reuters/The Guardian

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Diplomat: America has not coordinated or notified the European Union regarding the travel ban.

Diplomat: America has not coordinated or notified the European Union regarding the travel ban.

A European diplomat said that the United States did not coordinate with European officials on a widespread travel ban from Europe to limit the spread of the Corona virus before US President Donald Trump announced the decision.

The diplomat, who was not authorized to speak about the matter publicly, said that Trump said in a televised speech that his government was in constant contact with US allies over the 30-day travel ban but the bloc officials had not received notification of the decision before it was announced, adding, ” There is no prior notification or coordination as the president claimed. “

The European Union mission to Washington has not commented on the decision yet. Trump’s decision to ban travel from Europe to the United States, with the exception of Britain, from Friday, may complicate already tense trade ties between Brussels and Washington. On Wednesday, Phil Hogan, the European Union’s trade commissioner, canceled his planned visit to Washington.

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The US President, Donald Trump, announced in a speech addressed to the Americans, that the United States will prevent travel to European countries except Britain from Friday for 30 days, and Trump made clear that measures have been taken to reduce the impact of the virus crisis on Americans.

Trump said that the United States is able to cope with the Corona virus, adding that a decrease in the number of infected people has been recorded in the past days.

Trump pointed out that the European Union has taken real steps to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and Washington has taken serious steps also in this regard, and Trump added that his country has allocated more than $ 8 billion to confront the Corona virus, and to help those affected by the epidemic.

Donald Trump ignores European Union leaders’ complaints concerning COVID-19 travel bans

Donald Trump ignores European Union leaders’ complaints concerning COVID-19 travel bans

On Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump rejected complaints by European Union leaders that they were not counseled before he announced travel limitations from Europe due to novel coronavirus – contending that the E.U. doesn’t caution the U.S. at the point when it raises tariffs.

Trump spoke in the Oval Office, adjacent to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, that “We coexist well with the European leaders; however, we needed to settle on a decision, and I didn’t wish to spend more time, it takes longer time to call individually.” He added that he had addressed some E.U. leaders before the declaration. “Yet, we needed to hurry, I mean when they raise tariffs on us, they don’t counsel us, and I feel that is presumably very much the same,” he included.

Late Wednesday, Trump reported that travel from Europe would be restricted for 30 days – although Ireland and the U.K. are excluded. The Department of Homeland Security proceeded to explain that it affects most foreign nationals who were in Europe’s “Schengen Area” within 14 days before flying to the U.S.

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The places in question consist of 26 nations, including Italy, Greece, France, German, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway. The Trump administration had slammed a travel ban on foreign nationals who had visited China and Iran a month ago. However, E.U. leaders were enraged, saying that the worldwide pandemic requires “cooperation rather than to one-sided activity.”

E.U. Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated in an announcement that the E.U. objects to the way that the U.S. decided to impose travel bans, which were taken singularly and without discussion,” and “the European Union is taking strong measures to constrain the spread of the virus.”

Already, over 17,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Europe, with the virus spreading in 27 E.U. nations.

Donald Trump stated that “The U.K. essentially has solid borders and they’re doing an awesome job, they don’t have spread of the virus, and ideally they’ll keep it that way,” The Fox News revealed.

Article Credit: Fox News/Reuters

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America climbs the  Ban-wagon finally

America climbs the Ban-wagon finally

Risen to the occasion, but America seems to be the last to climb onto the bandwagon of self preservation. While the world economy is trying hard to save itself from collapsing under the pressure of coronavirus, America does not seem to be holding its position as a superpower anymore.

Under the sad leadership of Donald Trump, who has been only interested in economic and trade power, it has acted quite late in imposing travel restrictions in and out of its boundaries. This week, the president feel proud as he announces a 30-day ban on some travel from Europe into the U.S. and said he would act to offer financial assistance to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic rapidly spreading across the country and around the world.

Nations like Saudi Arabia, Japan, India and now Australia have already started consolidating their resources well in time. Some rich middle eastern nations like Saudi Arabia have been able to go out of their way to provide financial assistance to the UN so that the lesser developed nations with compromised medical facilities can be helped to combat the outbreak.

The travel restriction started from the weekend last and does not include the United Kingdom but also applies to the movement of cargo. The advisory issued now advices people to not travel even to countries which have not been infected by the virus.

U.S. citizens and green-card holders are exempted from the temporary ban, as are their spouses and children. Citizens and green-card holders under the age of 21 are also eligible to bring parents into the U.S. Passengers on flights that take off Friday before midnight will still be eligible to enter the U.S., even if they land after the ban takes effect.

Trying to reassure the public as he addressed the nation from the White House, Trump has said that this is not a financial cries but just a measure of precaution to contain the outbreak further. However the economy has already started showing signs of economic strain as most channels of trade are put on a temporary freeze.

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Trump Expands List Of Nations For Travel Ban

Trump Expands List Of Nations For Travel Ban

Donald Trump is coming out with policies which seem to indicate that he wants to get back at the Muslim community worldwide. Speaking at the World Summit in Davos recently, he said that he had plans of extending his travel ban to bar people from several additional countries.

 His redone list is an indication that he is going to come down heavily on people who still look forward to the American dream. This is all in preparation towards his election campaign where he has promised to curb illegal immigration into the United States.

He has already been coming down heavy on Mexico and he meant to concretize that by erecting a physical wall at the Mexico-US border. The construction of the wall is under a court stay. The travel ban policy, public polls show, is indicating a huge fan following amongst Republican voters. This goes well in favour of the Republican President.

Going against the spirit of multiculturalism, the travel ban had already been challenged in federal court. It has since then gone through three iterations after Trump took office in 2016 but it only received Presidential proclamation in September 2017. The current version requires the DHS to review the visa restrictions every 180 days and permits the addition or removal of countries. The ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2018 and includes a periodic review of whether countries should be added or taken off the list.

While the Trump administration has not sighted any particular reasons as to why some countries are being included, political analysts believe that this is a simple way to withhold right to immigration. Some of the countries listed include Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania, a list which was first spotted by Politico.

Some of these nations are in focus due to gross violation of human rights and America’s stance to impose travel bans could mean that movement of suffering civilians into US could be a closed chapter all together. It is a hard stand for a leader of a nation, but it might be the best one to keep violence and unrest at bay.

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