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An investigation of BBC confirms Turkey sends new arms shipments into Libya
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An investigation of BBC confirms Turkey sends new arms shipments into Libya

Although the new coronavirus, COVID-19, is bringing Turkey to its knees, the Turkish president and head of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist movement, Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues his insane venture in Libya. In recent days, the BBC has released a new video containing satellite images and other evidence of the cargo ships loaded with weapons, ammunition and armoured vehicles sent by Turkey in Libya, in a clear violation of the embargo provided for by United Nations resolutions. The BBC, thanks to the footage obtained by the investigation team and the Italian authorities, has shown that a ship carrying armoured combat vehicles, self-propelled guns and anti-aircraft defense systems – now installed in Tripoli and Misurata – sailed from the Turkish port of Mersin towards Tunisia, then disappeared from the localization systems to head to Tripoli on January 27th, 2020.

The satellite images show three ships north-east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, with one ship in the middle corresponding to the size and colour scheme of the Turkish ship, called BANA. Meanwhile, the other two ships that escorted BANA were G-class frigates, which are used only by the Turkish navy. “The clearer satellite images taken on the same day complete the picture. It shows the BANA docket in the port of Tripoli”, affirms the BBC report confirming the news and images disseminated by civilians on social networks in those days. After making a stopover in Tripoli, the ship reached the port of Genoa in Italy three days later. the local media report, here a sailor offered information to the Italian authorities on the illegal arms trade between Turkey and Libya in exchange for international protection. The BBC was able to show the images taken by the sailor in the hold of the ship which match with videos filmed by the militias upon arrival in the port of Tripoli. The Islamist militias, affiliated to the Government of National Accord (GNA) based in Tripoli, are used to broadcast videos of this kind to frighten the enemy.

After losing international support, with most of the countries that have opened to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, head of Libyan National Army (LNA), especially after the evidences of an involvement with terrorist groups across Libya by the Government and the authorities of Tripoli and Misrata, Turkey remains today the main supporter of the Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj with whom Erdogan signed two agreements on security and jurisdiction of the eastern Mediterranean on February 28, widely rejected by the Libyan people and the international community. The Arab League, the European Union, the African Union and the main countries interested in the Libyan file have in fact asked Erdogan at the Berlin Conference to stop any transfer of weapons and mercenaries to Libya, opting for the formation of a joint aero-naval force that guarantees respect of the embargo according to UN resolutions.

Turkey’s Erdoğan, EU leaders, and British PM held a video conference to discuss Syrian refugee crisis and coronavirus pandemic
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Turkey’s Erdoğan, EU leaders, and British PM held a video conference to discuss Syrian refugee crisis and coronavirus pandemic

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Britain’s PM Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, held a video call to talk about Libya, the Syrian refugee crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic. The four leaders were initially supposed to meet in person in Istanbul. However, the summit was held virtually due to travel restrictions.

Turkey has urged the four leaders in the conference to make new cash pledges to keep thousands of refugees from leaving the nation and attempting to arrive in Europe amid a Russian-Syrian assault in north-west Syria.

After a severe shelling in Idlib area a month ago, Turkey’s leader, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, encouraged thousands of refugees in the nation to proceed towards the borders of Greek islands and the Baltic.

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That push finished when the EU gave Turkey €6bn to dwell the displaced people in Turkey.

The leaders talked about the chances of a new refugee deal, ways to battle the continued Russian warning in Idlib, and the dread that coronavirus could spread the refugee camps flanking Syria in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, The Guardian reported.

The EU has likewise offered an enormous cash amount to the refugees to leave the Greek camps and come back to Turkey. About 13,000 refugees, as indicated by the UN, are stranded on the border with Greece and Bulgaria in Turkey’s Edirne region.

A couple of days back, Turkey announced that refugees inside its borders were free to go, and they accumulate along the Greek borders. The decision shocked the EU and compelled them to aid refugees and to help end the Syrian crisis.

EU leaders criticized the move as blackmail even as they scrambled to pacify Erdogan, The Guardian published.

Article Credit: The Guardian/Al-Monitor

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Why does Erdogan create a refugee crisis on the border with the EU?
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Why does Erdogan create a refugee crisis on the border with the EU?

According to the latest data, said the head of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs Suleiman Soilu, more than 130 thousand illegal migrants have already crossed the border with Greece. Greece, which is struggling to stop the flow, says it is not ready for so many people.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan bluntly stated that he did not plan to close the border with Europe or restrain migrants. Hearing about this, refugees from various countries, including from Syria and Iraq, began to draw to the border, hoping to get to Europe.

Fearing an influx of illegal migrants, authorities in neighboring Greece installed barbed wire at checkpoints – the border was closed on the European side. But those wishing to be in Europe continue, in the hope of luck, to line up, pitch tents or sleep right on bare ground. And many are still trying to break into Greece.

Over the past few days, migrants have already stoned Greek border guards and used metal rods. The border guards responded with tear gas.
A video appeared on Tuesday showing how the Greek coast guard shoots water next to an inflatable boat full of migrants, and then a Greek boat pushes the boat back into the sea, forcing her to return to Turkey.

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Some who tried to cross the border by water still managed to get to the Greek island of Lesvos: on frames is a white inflatable boat in which more than 30 people are sitting, including small children. Behind the scenes heard the cries of local residents: “Leave, go back!”

In Turkey, where about 85 million people live, there are already 3.7 million refugees from Syria alone (about 44% of them are children), and authorities say they can no longer cope with the flow of illegal migrants.

According to the data for 2019, the vast majority – 98% – of Syrian refugees live in urban and rural areas, outside temporary accommodation centers or camps. The majority complains about the lack of work and the inability to feed the family. In Europe, refugees expect that a better life awaits them.

A similar problem today was acute several years ago, before the conclusion of an agreement on refugees between the European Union and Turkey in 2016. But then in the country there were 2.73 million Syrian refugees who also tried to get to Europe.
Greece could send back all arriving Syrian refugees to Turkey, and Turkey had to take them back.

In exchange, Turkey received 6 billion euros to help migrants and refugees.

For each illegal migrant returned to Turkey, Europe will provide asylum to one refugee from Turkish camps.

The agreement concerned only Syrians and did not apply to refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or other countries.
After the signing of the agreement, the number of migrants arriving in Greece fell sharply.

Turkey’s current decision actually means refusing to comply with the terms of this 2016 agreement. At the same time, President Erdogan said that the EU did not provide any assistance in resettling Syrian refugees to safe areas in Syria.

Erdogan made the decision to open the border immediately after 30 Turkish soldiers died in the Syrian province of Idlib as a result of air strikes. Turkey responded with strikes from the ground and air, later claiming 60 casualties from its shelling.

Idlib is now perhaps the most important point on the map of Syria. It was here that concentrated the forces of rebels and jihadists trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. That is why the troops of the Syrian president launched an offensive in December, which led to the mass displacement of people: almost a million residents fled from the war to the Turkish border.

At the same time, Erdogan pursues his own interests in Syria and considers Idlib his zone of influence: not only because of problems with refugees, but also because of the need to solve Turkey’s domestic political problems. Many independent experts agree that Erdogan is trying to support the image of the Syrian Sunni defender from the Shiite government of Assad.

“Hey, European Union! If you try to call our operation in Syria an invasion, then we will open the borders and send 3.6 million refugees to you,” Erdogan warned in October.

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Al Qaeda thanks Turkey for protecting it from Russia and Syrian army
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Al Qaeda thanks Turkey for protecting it from Russia and Syrian army

Turkish soldiers are fighting along jihadists in Syria and the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost many of his man in the last 2 weeks, as the coalition formed by Russia and the Syrian Army targeted many terrorist positions in the Idlib area. On March 7th, Al Qaeda’s now largest branch, Al Nusra Front, praised Erdogan because his Government stands beside Al Qaeda, and for other jihadist organizations which are trying to overthrow Syria’s legitimate Government of Bashar al-Assad. Al Qaeda in Syria now calls itself Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, which recently reaffirmed to continue 9-year war against Syria’s Government, and it especially damns Russian president Vladimir Putin for assisting that secular Government’s efforts to destroy Al Qaeda and other jihadist organizations in Syria. It’s clear that al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood’s leader Erdogan have the same goal, replace any man-made government with one made by God, so to apply the Islamic sharia law toward the creation of an Arab Islamic State.

“The jihad and resistance are a legitimate path for the peoples whose abode has been usurped, and freedom taken captive, and sons bound behind bars, so let them defend themselves and their land by force and arms and patience and insistence and in that the rights are regained, and the fate of the lands is that they should return to their people however long the night of the oppressors lasts and the occupier through its grip takes root over the hearts of the defenceless peoples”. Wrote Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi, described by experts as a pro-jihadist ’scholar. In a statement titled “The Moscow Agreement: A New Mirage”, Al-Tamimi condemns what he calls as “the criminal gang in Damascus, supported by Russia” and praise Turkey to support rebels and terror organizations. “We thank the Turkish government for clearly standing with and supporting the Syrian revolution and participating with it in defending the civilians and protecting them in the recent battle.”

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White House: Quit backing Assad ‘wrongdoings’, Trump presses Russia

White House: Quit backing Assad ‘wrongdoings’, Trump presses Russia

The White House on Sunday announced that President Donald Trump had asked Russia to end its backing for the Syrian regime’s “offenses” as he communicated the US worry over brutality in the Idlib area. 

Turkey’s foreign minister likewise urged his Russian partner over the assaults by Damascus on the last rebel-held bastion in the nation. 

On Sunday, supported by Russian airpower, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad made recent gains as he increased his attack on the holdout northwestern area of Idlib. 

In a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump “stated worry over the brutality in Idlib, Syria and … communicated the United States’ longing to see a conclusion to Russia’s aid for the Assad regime’s monstrosities.” 

As per the National, Four of the Turkish posts are believed to be encircled by Syrian forces, and Ankara has taken steps to assault Damascus if they don’t withdraw before the finish of February. 

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters at the Munich Security Conference after he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that “I stressed that the assaults in Idlib must end, and it was essential to build up an enduring truce that would not be breached. 

Radical supporter Turkey and Damascus partner of Russia have worked intently on Syria lately regardless of being on rival sides of the nine-year battle. 

On Monday, A Turkish delegation will visit Moscow following Russian authorities visit Ankara last weekend however failed to arrive at a solid deal. 

On Sunday, War monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights expressed that government forces “were in charge of all the small towns and villages around Aleppo for the first occasion since 2012.” 

Regime forces have, for quite a long time, been making gains in northwestern Syria and working on an area held by jihadists and allied rebels, concentrating their most recent plan on the West of Aleppo territory. 

The UN expressed that the Russian-led offensive has set off the most significant influx of relocation in Syria’s civil war, with 800,000 individuals escaping since it started in December.

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