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Bernie Sanders Warned About Russian Interference In Election Build Up

Bernie Sanders Warned About Russian Interference In Election Build Up

Russia is said to be interfering with the built up towards the 2020 US elections, FBI intelligence reporting has confirmed. This time, they are trying to interfere with Bernie Sander’s build up but in at a smaller scale.

Both Sanders and Mr. Donald Trump have been briefed about this intelligence. According to intelligence findings, this kind of interference had been discovered to be done in the 2016 to influence the winning of Trump and jeopardizing the election results for Hilary Clinton.

Trump has continued to deny Russian involvement in private and public. It is now being indicated that possibly, Mr. Sanders, who has been criticized for online vitriol might be a victim to fake internet accounts spreading such false news under his name. His supporters are now saying that it is possible this kind of “ugly stuff” that has been attributed to his campaign was actually coming from Russian intervention.

Moscow is known to have created many fictitious accounts that trampled over Clinton’s portrayal and spread malicious false news against her, strengthening the case for Trump to be elected.

U.S. national security officials have struggled with how to respond to indications that foreign adversaries may be meddling in elections after the Obama administration was criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike for not disclosing more to the public and Russia’s interference in 2016.

The US has been struggling against increasing foreign influence and interference in the election process term after term. There are many forces at play in ensuring a certain kind of candidate wins the American elections.

The U.S. intelligence has been extremely forthcoming and accurate in having warned for years that Russia and others were likely seek to interfere in the 2020 contest. Former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found that Russia interfered in “sweeping and systematic” fashion in the 2016 presidential election to help Mr. Trump and denigrate his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.

However, the warnings have continued to be ignored making it possible to suspect the intent of the current serving President, for some kind of meddling with the results becomes evident.

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Democrats battle in heated Las Vegas debate with Bloomberg as the prime target

Democrats battle in heated Las Vegas debate with Bloomberg as the prime target

Michael Bloomberg was invited to his first presidential debate with a volley of attacks commonly held for front-runners. For parts of the debate, he was the primary target of his Democratic contenders. Yet, there were additionally various clashes between different candidates in what may have been the most argumentative discussion of the season, CBS News reported.

Bloomberg has so far spent more than US$409 million of his cash on crusade adverts. While the spending has impelled him into the runner up, as indicated by ongoing surveys, it has exposed him to a tempest of assaults from rivals in Nevada.

Bloomberg was tested on his record on stop-and-search, his slanderous remarks about women, his wealth, his tax returns, and his organization’s utilization of nondisclosure negotiations.

Representative Elizabeth Warren criticized Bloomberg saying, “I’d prefer to discuss whom we’re running against: a wealthy person who calls females fat broads and horse-faced lesbians,” Warren stated. “No, I’m not discussing Donald Trump; I’m discussing Mayor Bloomberg,” The CBS News reported.

In the opening half of the debate, Bloomberg attempted to clarify a portion of his past approaches, including the proceeding of the controversial stop and frisk strategy in New York, whereby cops halted and addressed individuals they doubted to be associated with a crime.

According to The National, Bloomberg demonstrated more vitality in the subsequent half, taking on Senator Bernie Sanders. He attacked Sanders’ grip of socialism. “I don’t believe there’s any way that the senator [Sanders] defeating President Trump,” he added.

Both CNN and the Washington Post pronounced Senator Warren as the victor of the night. However, regardless of Sanders’ augmenting lead, none of the candidates might have the option to arrive at the 1991 representatives required to guarantee the nomination in July at the national conference.

Article Credit: The National/CBS News

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What Does The American Voter Really Want?

What Does The American Voter Really Want?

Two prominent contenders for the presidential elections representing the Democratic party are said to be having contradictory points of view when it comes to what the voters really want. While Sanders is talking about uniting the country and project a change in system based on the sensibilities of the voters, Bloomberg is projecting as if overthrowing President Trump is more important.

It is coming through very clearly, that the voters are looking for something completely different- a revolution and change in leadership to save a sinking economy and nation. If one was to look at as to why certain leaders won the battles for presidency, it is not because they were good at what they were going to do. It is more because the ones that won could sense the pulse of the people and gave them what they were looking for.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan won the election. Voters were willing to move towards a conservative direction. They were tired of an ineffective Democratic presidency. In 2008, voters were seeking for peace and hope in the midst of a deep financial slide and a depressing war in Iraq. The impressive African American president came along in the form of Barack Obama. He continued to represent for two successive terms as someone who could stand for hope and change. Donald Trump won in 2016 because voters wanted somebody who would defy the establishment of both parties. But now, there is need of someone to unify the nation, to be a cementing force. It is much more than just ousting Trump.

The one thing that Bloomberg has been correct about is that Trump has disappointed the working class. They were the ones that pushed him to the finish line. He has let them down miserably. Sanders is right is thinking that it is high time that the influence of the millionaires and billionaires was curbed, something Trump has used to his advantage all his term. They should also be taxed through a higher bracket. The money derived should be channeled into wholesale reordering of the social compact. Health care should be free, college education should be free, student debt should disappear and thus the minimum wage will rise.

Many voters are probably not saying it but they are not happy with the way power has been misused. The one reason the voters have kept mum is because their minds are diverted to sugar coated pills that Trump continues to offer.

According to a recent survey of 738 registered voters conducted for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a majority of the US voters are wishing for a future leadership that can protect civil liberties and the Constitution. The poll has also found that almost 49 percent are disappointed with the way the Congress handled the presidential abuses of power than those (25 percent) who think Congress has interfered too much.

A clear majority of Americans favor each of five civil liberty priorities identified in the survey, with majorities of both Democrats and Independents supporting all five initiatives and Republicans supporting four of the five.

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Bernie Sanders Wins Popular Vote

Bernie Sanders Wins Popular Vote

Bernie Sanders has won in the New Hampshire Primary election, creating a place for himself towards the race for the presidential elections. However, Vermont senator has been able to narrowly beat Pete Buttigieg with Amy Klobuchar coming in third position.
Unfortunately, Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren have been left behind in the race with having won only 10 percent of the votes in New Hampshire.

He is a 78-year-old self-described democratic socialist who truly believes in a united country. His win is looking strong enough for him to propel him into contests in Nevada and South Carolina, two states where he lost to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary. That year, Mr. Sanders easily won in New Hampshire with more than 60% of the vote.

A tilt towards Sanders has come as the public has seen some reason in sane leadership and decided to shift their vote from Trump to more mature leadership.
Warren and Biden could not win the trust of the place they were campaigning in. And then made the biggest mistake to have played down the significance of this state, with the former vice president leaving early to attend a campaign party in South Carolina.
Exit polls released by television networks indicated that nearly half—48%—of New Hampshire voters surveyed made their decision within the past few days, another indication of a dynamic electorate.

Biden has not had a good fate in Iowa also. However, he is banking on some magic to happen in the March session of elections. He has been popular amongst black voters hoping for a strong swinging in South Carolina. To see all the latest News of America Today .

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

Sanders And Buttigieg Lock Horns

A political stalwart is in loggerheads with a roughly half the age military veteran and both are eyeing the Democratic nomination for the presidential post in the White House. This refers to none other than Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Both rivals took two top spots at the Iowa caucuses where 37 years young
Buttigieg bagged 14 delegates while the 78 years of age, Sanders bagged 12 delegates. One is trailing the other by small margins. Political analysts rightly observe that the numbers are low in terms of the total a candidate would need to secure the nomination. But this little win in their kitty does provide critical early momentum.

New Hampshire is the next pit stop for the other 9 contenders who all have been troubled with the low turnout of voters at the Iowa caucus. New Hampshire is of the many states which will need to be won by one of these contenders to get a majority to be able to contest the presidential elections for 2020.

Buttigieg speaks of the future. If elected, he would be the first open gay president in the world. Also, while referring to Trump, he drew applause in New Hampshire when he said “we need a politics that works for us and brings us together.” He was definitely referring to Trump’s allegiance to lobbies of all kinds that have funded his campaigns and other agendas.

But Sanders have hit it back saying that “Because we bring forth an agenda that doesn’t ask for approval from Wall Street, or the drug companies, our agenda is the agenda that represents working families.” Sanders had referred to Buttigieg of taking millions off billionaires.
Joe Biden on the other hand will steer clear of the open fight between Sanders and Buttigieg. Biden, who had fewer events scheduled on Sunday than his rivals, conceded he was out-organized by Sanders and Buttigieg in Iowa. He reiterated his long-standing belief that he would perform better in states with more African Americans and other voters of color, including upcoming contests in Nevada and South Carolina.For more News of America Today

Biden Lags Behind In Mid Campaign Results

Biden Lags Behind In Mid Campaign Results

By Uttara Malhotra.

Donors and voters are moving away from Joe Biden. There is no escaping this reality. This could be seen in Iowa and New Hampshire. Despite his robust campaigning, the results have not come out the way he had expected. Some are saying there is probably a flaw in the party’s election system.

Biden’s advisors now have to deal with the damp results. Biden was seen to be on fourth position in Monday’s what is being called a ‘chaotic’ caucuses based on the results that were calculated half way.

Results were partially released a day later. His advisors are compelled to feel that the campaign from the beginning had “considerable flaws” becoming the responsibility of the state Democratic Party and evidently showing a flaw in the reporting system. His campaign’s general counsel urged the state party on Monday night to withhold any official results until campaigns had received “full explanations” on “methods of quality control.”

It is now confirmed that Biden in trailing Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. His advisors had warned him not to bank on the New Hampshire votes, because they have a background of supporting candidates from New England. Apparently, three contenders this time hail from New England itself.

Biden had started to feel a ray of hope when the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers promised their support to Biden. A strong union of 775,000 members has endorsed his campaign, giving him more labor support ahead of the New Hampshire vote. The ripple effect can come down to other states as well. This includes Nevada and South Carolina as well. Further, But poor showings at the start of the calendar could give his rivals an opening with black voters while the party’s centrist voters may consider billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has poured more than $300 million into his campaign and focused on states beginning in March. For more news in america.

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