Trump acknowledges Biden’s win but refuses to concede: a coup attempt or a mere tantrum

Trump acknowledges Biden’s win but refuses to concede: a coup attempt or a mere tantrum

Trump acknowledges Biden’s win: US democracy has been one roller-coaster since the November 3 election results came out and Joe Biden won by a clear majority. A good 306 votes out of required 270 is a win for Biden that no re-counting can flip. But President Donald Trump and his administration have been continuously alleging a rigged election and spewing on the democracy that United States of America is known for. The state has been pathetic and disgraceful, something unprecedented is happening – no contender has ever in US history opted for this stance and has humbly conceded the elections. But Trump is nowhere near it. 

President Trump tweeted “He won..” but quickly turned on to his regular chime “…because the election was rigged.” An hour later he said he is not conceding to the election results. 

The baseless claims have been fluttering in along with a series of lawsuits in all key states alleging election fraud, sans any evidence to back his fraud claims. The Election officials said on Friday that the election and vote counting was the “most secure in American history” and that “there was no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.” 

President has refused to begin the presidential transition, refused to concede, and has filed baseless lawsuits. Furthermore, he has decapitated Pentagon and filled in the positions with his trusted fanatic loyalists. The most disturbing element being appointment of Anthony Tata as the Pentagon’s policy chief. He is the person who had called former President Barack Obama a “terrorist leader” and had tweeted a disturbing fantasy of executing John Brennan, former CIA Director. 

With Joe Biden still President-elect and no initiation of power transition, the handling of Coronavirus pandemic still remains the No.1 concern as casualties are aggressively increasing with no respite in sight. President-elect Joe Biden has a pandemic task force ready to take the charge but in absence of Trump’s conceding and any transition, the future of America looks grim amid Covid-19. 

But there is a hope in sight, a comfort that indicates, in sort, that Trump might be preparing for his life outside Washington DC. He is initiating fund-raising requests to “defend the elections”, but sources report that funding will actually be going to Save America, a PAC, that will essentially be used to “underwrite Mr. Trump’s post presidential activities”. Also, Axios has reported of Trump’s plans to launch a digital media company to stand against Fox News that is now considered disloyal in Trump camp. 

Trump’s actions are a clear document of his willingness to wound and sabotage US democracy in order to boost his ego. Even when he does leave the White House, he is expected to remain a political king in Republican camp, with even a chance to be Republican presidential nominee for 2024 elections. If he does, no doubt he will be a tough competitor – no one can deny the charisma he holds over his supporters, he knows the trick to bind the crowd. 

Weeks down to January until the final inauguration, road is going to be tough and likely thrown in with more hurdles by Trump and his administration. With many Republicans instigating his false claims the proceedings are expected to be dramatic. Trump has to eventually concede and leave the White House, but to what extent damage will be done is to be seen. Whether he will leave gracefully and as per the Constitution as his mandate ends on January 19, or has to be done under force will decide the face of American democracy for years to come. 

How Trump Exit Has Saved America From Self-Policing Mind Games

How Trump Exit Has Saved America From Self-Policing Mind Games

Trump Exit Has Saved America From Self-Policing: If Trump had been re-elected, American would have seen a new era of terrorism enter the streets. As the scene was heating up for the election day, self-styled military groups had started to gather support amongst a pro-Trump supporting gang.  A ‘tactical apparel’ was becoming the norm on the streets of America up until October 2020. 

Since Trump had been brainwashing his vote bank, many people blinded with his aura and charisma had started to choose self-policing. According to Bloomberg report, since 2019, online purchases had driven a 20-fold jump in sales of goods like the $220 CM-6M gas mask — resistant to bean-bag rounds — for Mira Safety of Austin, Texas.

The new kids on the block were selling personalized safety equipment. The industry has been booming exponentially since the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign rocked the streets of America, making the civilian feel a compelling need to protect themselves.

According to Roman Zrazhevskiy who runs one of the most popular personalized self defense equipment business, “It doesn’t matter who gets elected. No matter who wins, Biden or Trump, there are going to be people who are upset about the result.” He was focusing more on his new customers. 

As the CEO of Ready To Go Survival, Roman Zrazhevskiy works on the fear and misrepresented viewpoints of the American people. All such buyers of his have been victims to Trump’s manipulative mind games. It is a simple disaster of a democracy gone down the drain. 

As a retail brand, Mira Safety specializes in personalized emergency preparedness. Zrazhevskiy has encashed on his expertise in self combat and provided personal protective equipment to the world at large. Other such players in the market were well known to the Trump family and continued to feed on this misunderstanding led frenzy. 

Another company runs a retail chain called 5.11 Tactical. It could hugely benefit from this mayhem too. According to a former employee with the Department of Homeland Security, holding onto tactical gear and protective devices was becoming a kind of patriotism. Another California based company could claim that half of its orders at Gladiator Solutions were coming more from civilians, a big change from years than law enforcement.

There was an air of ‘preparedness’ building up amongst Americans. It was fueled by sense of desperation in pandemic led poverty, lack of funds, and government aid. However, someone, the American could not see bad governance was doing the damage. With Trump being replaced with Biden and Harris led leadership, there is hope for return of democracy, freedom of speech, dignity of life, and equal representation of all ethnicities that make for the American fabric of life.

Biden moves in with his Presidency while bracing for a contentious transition as Trump pushes legal battle against election result

Biden moves in with his Presidency while bracing for a contentious transition as Trump pushes legal battle against election result

Biden moves in with his Presidency: On Monday President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris moved in with the administration’s first major office order by appointing a Covid-19 Advisory Board. The board is being led by public health officials and would include doctors and government officials. The advisory board is co-chaired by Dr. David Kessler, former FDA Commissioner, Former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and Yale associate professor of Medicine & Epidemiology Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith. Other board members include Trump administration whistleblower Rick Bright and Obamacare architect Dr. Zeke Emanuel. 

But the road ahead isn’t easy. Reality is setting in among the Biden-Harris camp that power transition won’t be easy leading up to the inauguration on January 20. Biden has reportedly told his allies to give some more time to Trump and his camp to come in terms with the election result. But it doesn’t look like Trump in any case has plans to concede. 

Trump is showing full-blown that the transition of power would be as big a nightmare as was his presidency. The big question is how much more destruction and chaos will he wreak in 71 days before the formal transition of Joe Biden into the White House. 

Attorney General William Barr, who has always used his power to boost President Trump’s political aspirations, told Department of Justice prosecutors on Monday to examine allegations and unsupported claims of voting disputes and irregularities before states move in to certify the election results. This however didn’t sit well with country’s top election  results. This however didn’t sit well with country’s top election crime lawyers and they quit in protest over the attempt to change constitutional policy.

Trump didn’t waste any time to hamper the federal organisations’ framework and sacking the officials who have failed to show their loyalty towards him. He fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper over their differences. Fears are that next on Trump’s target are CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray. Trump isn’t shying away to render chaos in Washington DC over his political motives. Transition is important for smooth functioning of the country, more so due to the ongoing pandemic. But Trump doesn’t want to concede, even when his inner circle including his wife First Lady Melania Trump and his chief advisor Jared Kushner, also his son-in-law, have advised him to peacefully concede the elections and maintain the sanctity of the office.

Former elections have always seen gracious conceding speeches for the sake of America. But President Trump has consistently, over the past four years, shown that his agendas are his priority over the nation. Trump’s campaign has, since the vote counting commenced, alleged a conspiracy against him and rigged voting, questioning the democratic elections and transparent system.

President-elect Joe Biden has moved ahead with his presidency and has taken the required steps towards fighting Coronavirus pandemic. The office has released plans to states regarding “national mask mandate” and implementing it. President-elect Joe Biden has urged Americans to “follow the science” and “turn this pandemic around”. In a TV address, he said to fellow Americans “I implore you, wear a mask.”

The road ahead for Biden-Harris camp is not easy with Trump administration ready to present every possible roadblock in the most non- constitutional and undemocratic way. But President-elect Biden is ready to take the fight head-on. Next 71 days will be full of drama and chaos, with only America at the receiving end.

UAE congratulates Biden and places hope in his counter terrorism policy towards Middle East

UAE congratulates Biden and places hope in his counter terrorism policy towards Middle East

UAE congratulates Biden and places hope in his counter terrorism policy towards Middle East: On Sunday, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, congratulated the new US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their US election win.

Sheikh Mohammed wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to the President-Elect of the United States @JoeBiden and Vice President-Elect @KamalaHarris. We look forward to strengthening our five-decade enduring and strategic relations.”

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, joined UAE ruler in congratulating the newly elected US Democrat leaders. Sheikh Mohamed took to Twitter and said, “Congratulations to @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris on winning the US elections. Our sincere wishes for further development and prosperity for the American people. The UAE and USA are friends and allies with a strong historic partnership that we look forward to strengthening together.”

On Saturday, Joe Biden was announced as 46th US President. He is the oldest elected US president, and his team mate Kamala Harris is the first female, first Black and first South Asian Vice President of the country. The news was made official after results of the states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were revealed, which gave him enough votes to secure the presidency.

UAE was among the first few nations who were quick to acknowledge Biden’s Presidency despite controversial claims by his immediate predecessor, Donald Trump, who has challenged the legitimacy of the current presidential elections. Last week, Trump threatened to take the matter to US Supreme Court as he claimed victory in the elections even before vote count was over.

UAE has been one of the oldest allies of US which supports Washington in its endeavours to combat terrorism and promote peace all across the globe. Besides, UAE and Biden also share an old bond which goes back to the Obama administration days. During the Obama presidency, Joe Biden served as the country’s Vice President and the team of two was known their fervently anti-terrorism policies, which were more agile, more transparent, and more ethical than the ones adopted by the George W. Bush administration. UAE supported Obama’s new counter terrorist policy which was a break away from the overreliance characteristic of the Bush era, which led to US invasion of Iraq in 2003. That war, in turn, compromised US war against al Qaeda. UAE extended all the support to Obama administration in terms of resources, finances, and intelligence to fight ISIS, Al Qaeda and other extremist groups in the region.

Biden welcomed, the historic UAE-Israel peace agreement. In his statement over the deal, US President-elect said, “The coming together of Israel and Arab states builds on the efforts of multiple administrations to foster a broader Arab-Israeli opening, including the efforts of the Obama-Biden administration to build on the Arab Peace Initiative. I personally spent time with leaders of both Israel and the UAE during our administration building the case for cooperation and broader engagement and the benefits it could deliver to both nations, and I am gratified by today’s announcement.” 

He also applauded the role American diplomacy in ending the decades old animosity between the two sides, as he added that both Emirates and Israel has shown keen interest in “preserving the prospects for peace in the region”. But he strongly opposed the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s annexation plan and said that it “would be a body blow to the cause of peace, which is why I oppose it now and would oppose it as president”.  UAE and Biden shared a common ground against Netanyahu’s annexation plan as UAE ambassador to Washington, Yousef Al Otaiba, wrote a detailed article in Israeli newspaper, explaining how the annexation would cause serious setback to the bettering of relations between Israel and the Arab world.

Biden and UAE both took stand favouring two-state solution for Palestinian crisis. Besdies, UAE also took a leap of faith, giving peace a chance to resolve the issues with Israel. Biden in his statement said, “A Biden-Harris Administration will seek to build on this progress, and will challenge all the nations of the region to keep pace.”

During his recent election campaign, Biden emphasised that with regard to his foreign policy he would focus on re-building US ties with its allies in order to prevent any rampant friction and would always prefer to explore the power of diplomacy over other tactics. 

The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe-Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America

The Joe Harris Partnership Is Good Win For New America: The selection of Joe Biden has the President of the world’s most powerful democracy after India, has finally come through. It was a spoilt child’s tantrum that ended as Trump was thrown out of office finally. 

Economist and political analysts have been of the same opinion- off all the 20 contenders who were vying for the space at the White House, one cannot say that any one of them was not capable or a good leader. The same can never be said for Donald Trump. 

However, he could be a called an ‘accidental president’. Strangely, somewhere down the line, America had lost its way; or maybe wanted to experiment with someone new. So, Trump was the worst experiment that costed the country a lot more than just one presidential term. It costed the country its sense of wellbeing and security, it costed trade relations with long-term trade partners like China and Europe, it costed a bad temper with the world’s largest humanitarian organization, and the list is endless.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have everything that the conventional voter would have wished for- their roots are firmly into the truth of the country and its struggles.  Kamala Harris is of mix origins and from ethnic backgrounds that have risen from the ashes. With Asian and African origins, she understands the struggle of the coloured people well. But what best goes in her favour is the American upbringing her Indian mother bestowed upon her. Mr. Biden has had his share of personal struggles. He was groomed under Barack Obama and his personal issue with stuttering has not dampened his leadership.

The better part of the combination is that the recent Black Lives Matter campaign went in favour of Kamala Harris- not that she would have wanted George Floyd to die the way he did for her to have gained a prominent political position. Nevertheless, this one major incident woke people up from the spell casted on by Trump. They could see what it is that needed was better governance and a leader they could trust their lives with.

There are other more compelling reasons why the American people understood they have to do something about their future; and a responsible and informed vote was the only thing that could save them from another bad presidency term.

The new Biden- Harris partnership is bringing lot new things to a new American promise. Both share the sense of mutual respect and desire to learn and move ahead. One comes from the East Coast and the other from the West Coast. Biden is blessed with decades of Washington experience while Harris is well intentioned and ‘full of new ideas’. It’s a mix of tradition and modernity thrown in together- something the new America needs to move ahead in harmony with the world. Overall, we now have a ‘perfect balance of leadership’ representing the multicultural and ethnic origins that reside in America today.

Why Is South America Becoming Ideal Ground For Covid-19 Vaccine Trials?

Why Is South America Becoming Ideal Ground For Covid-19 Vaccine Trials?

South America in Covid-19 Vaccine Trials. Imagine being chosen as the ideal place for testing and developing a vaccine because there are the highest number of cases of infections there. It is a pity but this exactly the reason that pharmaceutical companies are heading to South America. 

As soon as a vaccine comes out, most residents of the smaller provinces of South America feel they will not be on the priority list for the vaccine. Most locals’ complaint is that they seem to have been forgotten and feel used for the trails. 

Companies like German Biontech and Curevac are preferring to be in South only because the high local infection rates makes it for an ideal testing ground. The world continues to races to find an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. 

The various administrations in Panama and Peru for example see an economic advantage in being chosen as a trial ground. Peru for example has become the first testing ground. Belavista district of Peru has reasons not to be bothered about a possible vaccine because they say that they have not even received support from their government in the time of the pandemic. 

Brazil has already seen many pharmaceutical companies set up shop too. In Sao Polo for example, America giant Pfizer and Germany company Biontech are busy testing people. They are using volunteer subjects that are being administers with candidate vaccines or a placebo. None of them paid for being used as Guinee pigs. 

Cepic is a Portuguese company that undertakes specialized clinical trials.  According to the Director of Cepic, Cristino Zerbini, “Most of our subjects are commoners working to make ends meet. We think this vaccine will be effective.” They feel proud to be associated with these clinical trials. 

Trials seem to be most aggressively underway in Brazil that anywhere else. This is again because the country has the largest number of Corona virus cases. Biontech is confident that it can receive approval for its vaccine before the end of 2020. Curevac is still going to carry out trials in Panama too. This is another country thathas high infection rates, a fact that is helping to ascertain the effectiveness of the vaccine. For Panama, this is an economic advantage over the rest of the world.

Sharing technology is also a part of the important deal between pharma
companies and countries holding such trials. But whether the common man who is participating in the trial will be let down by their respective government, or will they get a dose to protect themselves first; is something that will have to be left for time to tell.

US election 2020: America’s rich saw a surge in their fortunes

US election 2020: America’s rich saw a surge in their fortunes

US Election 2020 led to a $28 billion growth in fortune of America’s 10 richest people

While the world is anxiously waiting for the US Presidential elections 2020 results to be announced, US Stocks jumped higher on Wednesday, contributing to a leap in the billions of dollars of fortunes of the ten richest people in the country. Even as the presidential election hung in balance, the wealth of the ten richest Americans grew by $28.2 billion on Wednesday. As per a report by Forbes magazine, shares of leading tech companies including Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook surged multi-fold. It helped leading billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg earning a combined $28.2 billion in their net worth. 

As Amazon’s stock went up 6.3%, Jeff Bezos’s net worth rose by 10.5 billion dollars to 190.6 billion dollars. Bill Gates’s fortune rose by $663 million increasing his net worth to $115.9 billion his shares in Microsoft rose by nearly 5%. As Google’s stock jumped 6%, fortunes of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin rose by $4 billion and $3.8 billion respectively. 

Interestingly, there were four people in the list of America’s ten richest people who witnessed a drop in their wealth, including Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. While Berkshire Hathaway’s stock fell by 0.4% reducing $215 million off from Buffett’s net worth, Tesla’s share went down by 0.7% with his net worth going down by $560 million. 

As per media reports, Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s fortune also surged by $4.1 billion to $74.2 billion as the world awaited the results of one of the most nail-biting elections in US history.

While the votes are still being counted across a few remaining states, President Donald Trump’s allies have launched legal challenges. A candidate is required to win 270 electoral votes to gain the presidency of the White House. Significantly, votes from the five states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina will decide who will be the 46th president of the United States. Essentially, all eyes are on Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada, as any of these three states will play a decisive role for democrat candidate Joe Biden in bringing him close to winning the elections.

US Presidential election narrows down as Biden leads post-winning Michigan & Wisconsin, Trump continues to undermine election credibility

US Presidential election narrows down as Biden leads post-winning Michigan & Wisconsin, Trump continues to undermine election credibility

Joe Biden is nearing the 270 electoral votes mark to win the US Presidential Election and become the 46th President of the United States of America. He is leading and is just a step away from the win, standing strong with 264 electoral votes. The game-changing win in Michigan and Wisconsin on Wednesday has paved the way for his clear victory. These were the states in which Biden registered a flip victory, which Trump had won in the 2016 elections. President Trump is standing with 214 electoral votes. 

Nevada is one of the states whose results are awaited with Biden leading with 49.3% votes and Trump is trailing closely at 48.7%. The race is close and can be one of the deciding factors for Biden’s win. The state has 6 electoral votes – the exact number for Biden to hit the 270 mark. If Nevada turns blue, Biden is getting his entry into the White House. 

The experts are however calling the presidential race too close to call a win for Biden. 

Pennsylvania’s results are still awaited, with 20 electoral college votes the state has quite a weightage. Trump is leading with 50.7% votes and Biden has 48.1%. Still, 11% of votes are left to be counted, and that can turn the tables. If Trump wins the Penn state, he can be back in the race.

The officials say the final count in the state cannot be declared before Friday. But if Biden wins the state, we have a clear winner. Similarly, Trump is leading in North Carolina, which has 15 electoral college votes, and Georgia, which has 16 electoral votes. If Trump wins all these three states, he will be standing strong with 265 electoral votes. He is also leading in Alaska which has 3 electoral college votes.

Arizona was called as a win for Biden on Wednesday, another flip victory for the former VP. But mail-in ballot counting in Arizona is still ongoing, with many large counties still awaiting the final tally. The state with 11 electoral college votes, is largely Republican, which was last voted Democratic in 1996. But with increased Hispanic electorate
share, this is critical for Biden and also Trump.

Why the confusion? Could it have been avoided?
The massive confusion, anxiety, and agitation could have been avoided which the country is facing for the past two days over election results. The drawn-out ballot counting in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are not due to close race but are artificially developed due to counting left for the last minute. Long votes counting is a form of voter suppression, largely a result of stringent rules imposed in Republican-controlled states. This made Wisconsin and Pennsylvania barred from any early processing of mail-in ballots. Citing pandemic this should have been allowed. Michigan was allowed only one day for early votes processing. The problem was expected along with Trump being expected to take advantage of delayed counting and uncertainty ensued with attempts to steal election through false claims.

What does the Constitution say regarding votes counting? How long do the states have to count the votes?
President Trump had falsely tried to declare his victory on the election night. He has been constantly challenging the credibility of the country’s election process and claiming conspiracies against him. Well, none of that is actually true. As opposed to what Trump says, the results are not to be declared on the night of the election. Constitution and federal laws have clear guidelines for this.

On Election Day (November 3): Millions of people cast their votes weeks into the election day through either mail-in ballot or as in-person absentee voter. Federal law says that the election day occurs on the first Tuesday after November’s first Monday. Though winners are projected, there is still scope for changed results due to continuing main-in ballot counting.

From November 4 to November 23: By the election day, all mail-in ballots must be postmarked by the states. During this period more votes are counted. But even after November 3 votes can be still be received and counted by states. But they must be received by two days after Election Day, except in Washington state, where they can be received till November 23. After this, on 24 th , the state announces its final tally. In Minnesota and Nevada, they can be received until 10 November. In Ohio, it is till November 13.

November 10 to December 11: States clarify and confirm the results.

December 8: By this date, all states must have counted votes, settled any disputes and determine the electoral college winner.

January 3: Members of the House and Senate members get sworn in. This will mark the 117 th Congress commencement.

January 6: New House and Senate members read out the electoral votes in the House of Chamber and counted. The session is presided by the Senate President.

January 20: Day when newly elected President takes an oath in his office.

The stress and apprehension around US Presidential Elections are too high. The race is too close and still can sway either side. But the only hope is that the whole process proceeds with democratic stability intact and gracious acceptance by the contenders of the result.

Tight run between Trump and Biden keeps US on the edge

Tight run between Trump and Biden keeps US on the edge

 The election race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden still stands undecided as both have been pacing close and vote counting is still far from over. Trump has strongly opposed the ongoing vote count process and threatened that he would take the matter to the Supreme Court. It is mainly the mailed-in ballot which has kept the counting on the go. Since none of the candidates hit the required number of 270 votes in Senate so the counting is being continued. On Wednesday morning Trump dropped a bomb announcing that outstanding ballots can longer be counted. Trump has been against the mail-in ballot since the start and questioned its authenticity on several occasions.

Both the camps seemed to have readied their team of attorneys in case this battle takes a legal turn, though its not clear on what legal ground would Trump pursue the case. Biden, respond to Trump’s call for immediate halt of counting, by saying that elections “ain’t over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted”.

He said, “It’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare who’s won this election. That’s the decision of the American people.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf took to Twitter stating that his state had over 1 million ballots to be counted and he “promised Pennsylvanians that we would count every vote and that’s what we’re going to do.”

Legal experts still lack clarity over Trump’s declaration. “I do not see a way that he could go directly to the Supreme Court to stop the counting of votes. There could be fights in specific states, and some of those could end up at the Supreme Court. But this is not the way things work,” said Rick Hasen, a professor of law and political science at the University of California-Irvine, told AP.

Trump might not have a strong case in this regard as last week, the US Supreme Court gave an order against Donald Trump’s Republican Party’s plea, in order to prevent the GOP  from interfering in the state vote counting system, especially with regard to absentee ballot counting in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The Republicans filed a plea objecting the state court-approved decision for extension of the deadline for the receipt of mail ballots to accommodate voters during the pandemic. The state court said that it made the special provision for the extension keeping in mind the health of the voters. The court’s new deadline was stretched by six days in North Carolina, i.e. from Nov. 6 to Nov. 12, for the receipt of ballots, provided the ballot were marked and mailed latest on Nov. 3. 

The apex court upheld the state court’s decision in favour of extensions in both the states in question stating that as per the state constitution, states had the right to decide what they deemed fit in case of voting. The unprecedented times of coronavirus led to unprecedented legal judgements.  

Both the Republican and Democrat candidates have made expected gains in smaller states but its the key battleground states which has kept people on the edge. As per the poll estimates, Trump is expected to win in Florida, Texas, Iowa and Ohio. Biden, on the other hand, is likely to win Arizona, while a tie is expected in North Carolina and Georgia. Results for Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is seen as an unexpected turnout.

So far Trump has seemingly won in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming, Indiana, South Carolina, and Utah. While Biden leads the race in states like California, Colorado, Columbia, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.

Last few hours of campaigning takes a scathing turn with Trump looking desperate for a narrow win

Last few hours of campaigning takes a scathing turn with Trump looking desperate for a narrow win

 Just a day for the US Presidential Elections and candidates President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival, former VP Joe Biden are racing to make the most of the last day of campaigning before the showdown, trying to close in the pitch to critical voters in key states. Biden took his campaign to Pennsylvania and Ohio, while Trump toured the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Nationwide polls indicate a clear lead for Joe Biden. But still he is leading by a narrow margin in swing states that could make a difference. Trump still can cover up the difference in these key states. At least 99 million people across the country have cast their ballots already in early voting. The numbers are unprecedented, with highest voting turnout in over a century in the US.  

Trump is trying to make up for the campaigning loss he had incurred due to his Covid-19 diagnosis. On Sunday, President Trump held rallies in six states, and then on Monday sprinted through four more. He told his supporters in North Carolina, “Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country.” He is boasting of record economy growth of 33% in third quarter after record contraction of 31% due to pandemic.

He then headed straight to Scranton, Pennsylvania, the hometown of his opponent Joe Biden. He reminded the people of winning the state in 2016, even though the polls had indicated otherwise.

On the other side, Mr. Biden too visited Pennsylvania, and was joined by singer Lady Gaga at Pittsburg rally. During his Ohio campaign, Biden reminded the people of what was at stake and blot this elections. He urged the people to save the soul of America. Attacking Trump, Biden said, “we’re done with the tweets, the anger, the hate, the failure, the irresponsibility.”

Trump, during the last lap of election campaigning, is hell-bent to make the voters tilt towards him. The desperate efforts to not be the one-time President in American history is evidently obvious. He is rejecting anything that can harm him in elections. For him the coronavirus pandemic is still an exaggeration by media and a hoax. He is not backing down from holding rallies with huge crowds cramped up sans masks.

President Trump is increasing his efforts to question and undermine the integrity of mail-in ballots and vote counting. He has directly warned of deploying team of lawyers on Tuesday as polls close in. These are last of the President’s maneuvers to tarnish image of nation’s democratic election process.

The Republicans have called for rejecting the 127,000 drive-thru votes in the key state of Texas, an attempt to aid Trump’s second term win.

Fears are also rounding up that President Trump may try to declare victory before all mail-in ballots are counted. That would be against the Constitution but the current President is ready to reject that for his motives.

While Joe Biden is leading in national polls, the lead is narrow and possible for Trump to cover, especially when keeping in account the key swing states of Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. Trump’s route to 270 votes of electoral college for a win is thin but still viable. The turnout on election day is what keeping hopes up for the Trump campaign.

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