Buttigieg hits back at Trump and Limbaugh, saying, ‘I’ve never transferred hush money’

Buttigieg hits back at Trump and Limbaugh, saying, ‘I’ve never transferred hush money’

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has again targeted President Trump over the issue of “family esteems” by bringing up that his marriage has never included him paying “quiet cash to a pornography star.”

As per The Guardian, Buttigieg, who came out as gay in 2015 and wedded his better half, Chasten Buttigieg, in 2018, has been the subject of late homophobic remarks by radio host Rush Limbaugh, who said, his audiences were “yet not willing to elect a gay person kissing his spouse on the stage of the presidential debate.”

Limbaugh, who was facing controversy since Trump gave him the presidential medal of freedom, stated the US president advised him to “never apologize” for his remarks.

Questioned on if he believed Trump would not be disagreeing with a president coming from the LGBTQ+ people group, Buttigieg answered: “Well, not if he’s sending out his supporters to speak in this manner, stated during a CNN town hall in Las Vegas.

“What’s more, look, I mean, the possibility of the likes of Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh addressing anyone on family esteems,” the Democratic presidential candidate said to applause, Buttigieg included.

Buttigieg then made a sharp reference to the cash paid to porno star Stormy Daniels by Trump through his former legal advisor Michael Cohen. “I mean, I’m sorry; however, one thing about my marriage is it’s never included me sending hush cash to a pornography star in the wake of cheating my husband with him or her,” he said.

“So they need to discuss family esteems? We should debate family esteems. I’m ready.” he added.

According to The Guardian, it is the second time that Buttigieg has conflicted with Trump during the week over his private life and Limbaugh’s remarks. On Sunday, the former South Bend mayor stated that he was “disheartened for what the Republican party has turned into if they agree to that sort of homophobic speech.”

Article Credit: The Guardian

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